It will be a long while before upcoming competitor DITO Telecommunity makes a significant dent in market share and challenge the lead of PLDT, according to one of the latter’s executives.

PLDT’s chief technology and information adviser Joachim Horn said in a virtual briefing that DITO Telecommunity will need a long time to catch up. Based on the information they have on DITO’s launch areas, Horn further said their competitor’s coverage could not get close to their own coverage. DITO has built 1,900 sites to date, way fewer than PLDT and Globe’s 16,000 existing cell sites.

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Despite playing down DITO’s arrival, PLDT still views the new player as a threat. Per PLDT chief revenue officer Alfredo Panlilio, they will monitor DITO and act accordingly.

In 2019, DITO optimistically claimed it would acquire 30% of the telco market share in its first couple of years in operation. The company is commercially launching tomorrow, March 8, 2021.

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