PLDT has quietly launched a new unlimited fiber plan to reach more markets and provide Filipinos who have limited budgets with a fast and reliable internet connection. Check out the new PLDT Fiber 899 plan, which is now the cheapest unlimited fiber plan from the company.

The new PLDT Fiber 899 Plan is almost twice as cheap as the company’s previous cheapest plan, which costs Php1,699. However, the speed is much lower at 35Mbps, while the former is listed at 200Mbps.

Numerous listings from Facebook Marketplace confirm that the Plan 899 offers unlimited data consumption. But unlike PLDT’s other fiber plans, this one doesn’t come with a landline telephone connection. Also, it has a relatively long lock-in period of 36 months.


The service also has a pretty substantial installment fee that you can pay upfront for Php3,600 or make staggered payments that will be added to your monthly bill of Php100 per month for 36 months.

Still, it’s an appealing service for households, apartments, or dormitories running on limited budgets as the service practically only cost as low as Php30 per day. The best part is, that you only need one valid ID to apply.

Alternatively, you can also check out the new PLDT Fiber Prepaid. It has the same 35Mbps speeds but without the monthly commitment and lock-in period. Albeit, the 30-day UNLI fiber promo costs Php999.

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