Thinking of upgrading to PLDT Home’s Unli Fibr Plan? Well, now is the right time.

The telco giant recently revealed that new and existing PLDT landline subscribers can upgrade to PLDT Unli Fibr plans without being charged for the cashout fee. PLDT is also waiving other fees such as those for the installation process and the included modem.

Participating PLDT Unli Fibr plans come in four different packages — all of which have free landline included.

Unli Fibr PlanSpeedBest use for
PLDT Unli Fibr 129910Mbps* Emails
* Web surfing
* Music Streaming
PLDT Unli Fibr 169925Mbps* Video calls
* Web surfing
* Video streaming
PLDT Unli Fibr 239950Mbps* Online gaming
* Video streaming
* Photos and videos
* Downloading
PLDT Unli Fibr 2999100Mbps* 4K video stremaing
* Large file sharing
* Online multiplayer gaming


Those who are interested to upgrade or subscribe to the PLDT Unli Fibre Plans can visit PLDT branches, booths, Smart Stores, and Cignal stores. But for a safer transaction, especially during the pandemic, it might be best to connect with them via the PLDT Hotline number 171 or by visiting their website.

This special promo will only run until August 23, so act fast.

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    1. Am following up my activation of my pldt home fiber installed last nov 27 2020 that i have been pay my installation pay in the amount of 1,170.00 throw adress is 1201 zone 4 agusan cagayan de oro account number is 0301101309 my plan is pldt home fiber 1299..

  1. Am following up the replacement of our existing DSL with Fibr 1699 installation which have been communicated to PLDT 171 on Nov 10, 2020 through Customer Service NANCY Code 34012. Since then, we have not received any update on its schedule.

    Address 36 FCruz St, BF Homes Paranaque
    Tel 8829.18 14