PLDT, the Philippines’ largest telco company, is set to boost international bandwidth capacity by activating the US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable System this coming July.

Making for an essential link of the country to the landing station situated at Daet, Camarines Norte, the project is anticipated to improve the telco consumers’ experience.

Once put into service, the Jupiter cable system will expand PLDT’s already extensive fiber network by providing it with a greater capacity measured in Terabits per second and the flexibility to re-route traffic in case of incidental undersea cable cuts.

Consequently, the Jupiter cable system will augment and strengthen the capacities as well as the resiliency of the existing undersea fiber links in delivering a large volume of data in and out of the country going to the US.

Under the “open cable model,” to which Jupiter adheres, consortium members can enhance the extent of their service’s capability as essential by investing in technologies that amplify data throughput.

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