From January until June 15, 2022, network service provider Globe has reportedly blocked as many as 138 million unsolicited messages and fraudulent messages — displaying the company’s unforgiving effort to protect its valued consumers from online threats.

Within the said period, the month of May tested the anti-spam effort the most at 74.48 million unwanted messages removed from the system. The overall number comprises app-to-person and person-to-person messages, with origins coming from both local and international sources.


Adding to the overall measure, the digital solutions platform has also allegedly deactivated 12,877 mobile numbers in the months beginning in January until May, based on reports of spamming via Globe’s Stop Spam web portal.

Having a wide understanding of the threat, Globe began its cybersecurity journey in 2014 by establishing a robust measure that safeguards both its infrastructure and its customers. Additionally, its round-the-clock security operations center helps detect and repel attacks or breaches, employing more than 100 people dedicated to reinforcing the cybersecurity efforts.

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