Smart Communications now has the most number of subscribers, beating Globe’s 7-year lead.

The PLDT Inc., wireless unit reported that it now has 55.2 million subscribers after the implementation of the SIM card registration. That’s more than what Globe Telecom was left with, which is at 54.7 million.


Before the implementation of the SIM Card Registration Act, Smart only had 66.3 million active SIM cards, which is substantially lower than Globe’s 84.75 million.

Globe has always had the crown of having the most subscribers since 2016 up until recently.

PLDT chairman Manny Pangilinan said that, while the achievement is a “humbling experience”, the battle is really on the ability to grow the market and not by having the most subscribers count.

Meanwhile, PLDT President Al Panlilio said that they continue to gain more subscribers thanks to initiatives like postpaid and prepaid eSIMs.

Panlilio also reported that the nine-month net income of PLDT increased by 1% to Php27.88 billion, primarily thanks to its fiber and enterprise business. Their total revenue increased by 3% to Php156.36 billion.

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