Uh, atleast you got a look on the Touch Panel of MyPhone A919. =)

MyPhone A919, the newest and mysterious android phone is still rolling a strong buzz and a lot of Filipinos were really excited about it. The device was already shown in their official website but that’s about it and no specific details were released. We had the chance to see it in the flesh and play with it for quite some time so I thought of making this short article about this hot android phone.

From the first look, the MyPhone A919 looks elegantly beautiful. It sports a gorgeous design that suits a flagship smartphone and the curves are very nice. Regarding the specs, what I can tell you for now is it is very impressive. It’s fast in responding to our touches and the UI flow is fluid and very smooth. If you want to see how the MyPhone A919 looks like, check the photo below.

Uh, atleast you get to see the Touch Panel of MyPhone A919. =)

I’ll give a hint on the MyPhone A919 price! It is PhpX,999! Well, I suggest that we should all wait for the official launch of the MyPhone A919 and I am very positive that it will be a big hit because it’s really that good. We were still not allowed to release details but we’ll post it asap.

We’re hoping that we could score a unit to have a more in-depth review of this much anticipated android smartphone. Once we get the go signal, we’ll give you the complete specifications and photos of the MyPhone A919. Stay tuned!

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  1. i bought the black one last friday ;) i did review review the specs and features before purchasing and it was all worth it. Love this device