If you’re currently looking for a mobile phone, then try checking out MyPhone‘s current line-up and see if you can see one that suits you. Why bother choosing MyPhone? It’s because they will be giving away a brand new car, home theater, laptops, digital cameras, and android phones. Just by buying a phone you’ll get a chance to win one of those! Cool, eh?


Promo Mechanics

1.The MyPhone Geared Up Raffle Promo will run from October 15, 2012 to January 18, 2013.

2. Promo is open to all customers who purchase selected MyPhone models* from all authorized dealers of MyPhone from October 15 2012 to January 15, 2013.

*Selected MyPhone models are: B88, B88+, B99, B16TV, B18TV, B88TV, Q18TV, QTW88TV, T18TV, T28TV, TW30TV, TW26TV, T29TV, A618, A818, A818 slim, A828, A848, A848i, A858,  A868,  A878,  A888,  A898,  A919 and MyPad 2.

3. Each MyPhone handset has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. One IMEI is equivalent to one electronic raffle entry, and the same IMEI number cannot be used more than once throughout the promo.  In case the IMEI was sent by more than one person, the entry will be given to the first sender of the entry. An error text will notify the other senders that the IMEI was already registered.

** For the complete mechanics, go here.

How to Join MyPhone Geared Up Promo

[important]Text  REG (space) IMEI# (space) Email Address (space) Full Name / Complete Home Addressand send it to the following numbers depending on your network.

  •  For SMART and Talk n’ Text – 0999 886 1390
  • For GLOBE and TM – 0917 635 8228
  • For SUN Cellular –  0932 860 4433
Here’s a sample
  • REG 09876543212345  supermario@email.com Mario Fernandez / No.456 Masipag St. Brgy Hagonoy, Bulacan


If you’ve noticed, two new MyPhone android phone pops up in the list. It’s called as the MyPhone A898 and MyPhone A919. Well, what I can only tell you for now is it is true and we’ve already seen it but you should wait for its official release to get the full details. In the meantime, go ahead and register in MyPhone’s promo to get a chance to win one of those cool prizes!

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