If you are an avid toy collector, most especially of anime figures, then you know how heartbreaking it is to lose one of them. This is the case for Goku collectors after a terrible storm doomed the One Apus container ship in the Pacific Ocean just northwest of Hawaii late last month.

It is believed that $200 million worth of cargo was lost at sea. For starters, the cargo ship got caught in a powerful storm. Reuters reported that such a storm caused a swell which rolled the ship and let go of 1,800 containers. Don’t worry, the ship was able to dock safely back in Japan, and fortunately the crew did not suffer any serious injuries. However though, the ship was pretty beaten up.

Now, part of this shipments were actually Goku action figures. The worst part about this is that fans pre-ordered an extremely rare Figuarts Ultra Instinct Sign transformation of the hit anime Dragon Ball Z’s protagonist. This even came from a Premium Bandai shop with an announcement that these collectibles were sold-out and that the figures were on its way via the One Apus. It seems like it will never arrive now for the waiting fans and collectors.

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Premium Bandai sent an email to customers announcing this tragic fate for their Goku figures. As of current, the ships is at the Port of Kobe, Japan—under investigation for damaged areas. Bandai wrote that it will take several weeks to over a month before the ship sets sail again. Until then, they will be keeping in touch with the authorities and their customers to announce the new shipping information whenever available.

The said extremely rare Goku figures were priced at $60 apiece back when pre-orders were accepted in summer. They were supposed to be convention exclusives, however due to the global health issue, the convention was cancelled and they had to sell the figures online. Snow, an avid collector, shared with Kotaku that the ones on-board the One Apus were the “made-to-order” models. Other than these Gokus, Android 17, 18, and the US release of Kid Gohan figures were also on the ship.

It is disheartening to wait for something for a long time, only to have it misplaced—in this case, an accident via a surging storm. Collectors are actually buying duplicates in case another accident happens. Hopefully, the fans and collectors are able to receive their orders if not on time for Christmas, then in the future.

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