Nokia 3310 2017 durability test

The old Nokia 3310 had the reputation of being solid as a rock. And with the release of its revision for 2017, people just can’t get enough of the hype surrounding it.

With that said, some YouTubers are riding the hype train by producing Nokia 3310 2017 durability test videos.

The first one we saw was from the YouTube channel called VoloKin Project. The presenter used a knife with level 5 hardness to scratch the entire device — from the screen, buttons, and the back panel. And since the new Nokia 3310 was still made with plastic, the result of the test was no surprise.

The presenter stepped it a bit further by doing a fire test on the phone’s screen. And then again, since the display is only covered with plastic, the only one who’s surprised by the result here is the presenter.

This next video that we found is a bit more interesting than the former. Safwan from SuperSaf TV on YouTube did the most sensible examination for the Nokia 3310 2017 — drop test. If you remember, one of the staple features of the old 3310 was how it was able to withstand multiple amounts of drops.

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Surprisingly, it looks like the new Nokia 3310 handled a lot of beating better than its father. Safwan dropped the two handsets at chest level, on different angles, and both were still working fine after. However, the new Nokia 3310 was able to have its components tucked in while the older model completely fell apart. Also, the 2017  version stayed turned on, while the latter went out of consciousness.

And since the two were still able to survive, SuperSaf TV literally took it to the next level by dropping it to the upstairs and from the windows, which is at around 12-feet. The test still garnered the same result. But this time, the Nokia 3310 2017 completely shut off. But no worries, as he was still able to boot it up again.

It is without a doubt that the new Nokia 3310 2017 is still as durable as its famed predecessor. But personally, I still can’t justify its Php2,490 price tag.

But then again, that’s just me. Let’s know on the comments below what you think about this device.

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