Cherry Mobile just launched another powerful yet affordable device that goes by the name Cherry Mobile Omega HD. Sounds familiar, right? If you’ve been following them closely, you’ll know that it’s actually the follow-up to the CM Omega  – which turned out to be a big disappointment to many, mainly because a lot of fans had started overhyping it too much.

Finally, after a couple of months, Cherry Mobile has released a successor to the 5.2-inch phablet. This time, they made sure they gave their fans what they wanted – 1GB RAM.  While they already have a smartphone in their line up with 1GB of RAM in the Titan TV, it has its flaws, such as the WVGA resolution (480×800) on a gigantic 6 inch display. Also, not everybody wants a phablet that huge as it’s uncomfortable to take with you every day as a primary phone, especially on commutes.


Let’s start with a short introduction and start talking about its main features, improvements over its predecessor, and our thoughts.

We were really excited when we first heard that the Cherry Mobile Omega would soon have a follow-up. In fact, event before the 1st generation Omega was unveiled, rumors of the Omega HD had already been building up. An alleged jelly case and screen protector were also leaked by Cherry Angel (retailer) before it launched, which hyped it even further among Cherry Mobile user groups on Facebook.

Display: 5-inch HD IPS Display, Dragon Trail Glass

The most notable feature of the Cherry Mobile Omega HD is its high definition 1280×720 pixel resolution IPS Dragon Trail Glass display. Unlike earlier affordable local smartphones that typically sported screens with a WVGA resolution, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD, as the name implies, gives us a first-ever taste of a locally branded smartphone with an HD display. Also, it’s a Dragon Trail Glass display, meaning it can handle more than your typical bumps and scratches because it’s designed to be ultra-tough (scratch resistant). At the event, they even challenged us to do anything we could to scratch the screen, providing us a variety of implements to do just that.


It might not be as popular as Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but it’s still an option people should take notice of when considering the quality of the protective glass. If you’re wondering how good it is, Sony’s Xperia Z uses it as well. If it’s good enough for a flagship phone from an established brand, then it’s good enough for us.

1GHz Dual-core CPU, PowerVR SGX531 GPU, 1GB RAM, Jelly Bean = Giving the People What they Wanted!

As mentioned,the Omega HD has 1GB of RAM and the familiar tandem of a Mediatek 6577 dual-core processor paired with a PowerVR SGX531 GPU. This configuration is the same as the O+ 8.12 that we reviewed in the past and throughout our hands on time with the Omega HD, we found it to be more than adequate. Navigation through the UI was fast and zippy, and one of the photographers at the event noted that it felt noticeably faster than his Cherry Mobile Titan.

Somebody tested both Dead Trigger and Temple Run 2 on the phone, which are both great looking games that are a bit heavy on the system and they played just fine (they looked especially gorgeous on that HD IPS screen). There should only be a few high-end games that will remind you that you’re using a budget android phone. For the most part, you’ll be pleased with the solid performance from the chipset. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s launching with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which makes the whole thing seem faster because of the software optimizations of Google’s Project Butter.

Storage: 4GB internal storage, expandable up to 32GB

Despite all other hardware upgrades, the Cherry Mobile Omega still has the familiar 4GB of built-in internal storage that’s common across many of the higher end locally branded phones. It’s nothing to gripe about, considering the price, and it expandable via microSD anyway. However we didn’t get the chance to see if the Cherry Mobile Omega HD supports app installations on the external card.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, etc

Being a full-fledged android phone, the Omega HD doesn’t skimp on any essential smartphone features. All the standard connectivity options are here, namely Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s a relatively premium price point for a locally branded smartphone. You simply get what you pay for, and since you’re paying more for the Omega HD, thankfully, you’re also getting more in return.

Camera: 12-megapixel BSI camera, 2-megapixel front camera, 720p video recording

Aside from the astounding 5-inch HD IPS Dragon Glass display, another main attraction of the Cherry Mobile Omega HD is its sick 12MP BSI (Back-Illuminated-Sensor) main camera with autofocus and LED flash. BSI improves low-light performance of the camera, so you’re more than likely to get a decent shot in situations where lighting is less than optimal.

On the other hand, the front-facing shooter is rated at 2MP, and it’s said to be a BSI shooter too, although we didn’t have the chance to test it at the event. Video chats shouldn’t be too pixelated since the upgraded cam will give you a better experience than the typical VGA cameras that end up on lower-end android phones these days. Just make sure you have the bandwidth to support a bigger upload stream from that camera.

Battery Life: 2100mAh, Good enough

The boost in resolution, the use of IPS panel, and 1GB RAM is expected to consume more power, but the 2100mAh battery hits the sweet spot. The Galaxy S3 also has a similarly sized battery, but it has a quad-core CPU, meaning the Omega HD should last a little longer than Samsung’s flagship from last year. In comparison to the Cherry Mobile Titan that has a 2350mAh battery, there shouldn’t be a significant difference.

So should you buy the Cherry Mobile Omega HD?

If you like big screens, the Omega HD is a great pick, and despite the big screen, the body feels barely any bigger than the Cherry Mobile Blaze. The design and build quality feel top-notch, and we especially marvelled at the thinness of the bezel, which is something you would only expect from a flagship phone. There’s no doubt that it will be the premium local smartphone to beat phones once it’s out in April, but let’s not count out other local brands as they might release a few surprises of their own that can rival the Cherry Mobile Omega HD. But then again, we’re sure that the Omega HD will be give them a hard time competing.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD Specs

  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • Dual-SIM, Dual Standby
  • 5-inch HD IPS Dragon Trail Glass display, 1280×720 pixel resolution, 294 ppi
  • 1GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor
  • PowerVR SGX531 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage, supports microSD card up to 32GB
  • 12-megapixel autofocus BSI camera with LED flash
  • 720p HD video recording at 30fps
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • FM Radio
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Dimension: 143.5 x 70.8 x 8.8mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Price: Php 7,999

It’s still too early to say if the Cherry Mobile Omega HD will achieve the kind of success that the Flare (read our review here) and Titan experienced when they first came out. After all, it does cost an extra grand than I’m accustomed to paying for a relatively high end locally branded phone. Also, it’s launching alongside the Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0, a quad core phone that sells for Php1k less. However in our opinion, the Omega HD feels like the better pick of the two. While you do lose out performance-wise, the Omega HD is better when it comes to battery life and screen quality, and you even get some premium features, such as scratchproof Dragon Trail Glass, and a pair of awesome front and back BSI shooters. It’s hard to go wrong with that kind of deal.

*  This article was written by Adam Parnala and JM Balicano.

  • RHZ

    5-inch HD IPS Dragon Trail Glass display, 1280×720 pixel resolution, 294 ppi – GALING
    sana quad core na din
    thumbs up!!!

  • Another Great Preview m/ gusto kong mag apply dito sa noypigeeks :))

    • Send us an email. :D

      • lovelygrace543

        hello paji reply f madali ba talaga mg lowbat

        • yagayaga


  • ganda! pero mas malaki pa rin ang original na omega.

  • John

    Kaya ba iplay dito ung mga HD games ng gameloft like Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Dungeon Hunter 2 and Heroes of Orders and Chaos etc…?

    • There were people at the event playing around with Dead Trigger and Temple Run 2.

    • popong

      with that specs sir, kakayanin :)

  • PinoySaPusoAtDiwa

    HD reso in exchange of performance, at a higher price point. that said, the pricier tag could be attributed to better camera and additional 512mb (1GB) RAM and scratchproof screen

  • omega hd = i-mobile IQ6, wala atang usb otg toh

  • Baekwondo

    Still no LED INDICATOR? And how about GPS?

  • sed galope

    Hi Everyone!

    By reading through this review I can totally say the the CM OmegaHD totally has blown away all of the other locally branded phones. To be honest, I really disliked the phones that were previously launched by CM. Why? Evidently, the built of the previously launched CM Phones are “Plasticy” and when i say “Plasticy” its like it has this tendency to oblitirate to pieces if by chance it gets dropped or what.

    Dont get me wrong, I havent really held the CM OmegaHD personally, but after seeing the videos on YouTube about the OmegaHD challenge I was like “HOW THE HELL DID IT NOT BREAK?!”. So obviously this mobile phone really has something to give. But I think having the DragonTrail Glass is just a bonus, what blew me the most is its technical specifications and of course the PRICE.

    Com’mon man, this baby already has Android Jellybean on it, plus 1GB of ram, 12MP BSI rear cam, 2MP BSI front cam and of course a massive 5 inch display . I mean, WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU NOT BUY THIS LITTLE BASTARD?

    Well, i would love to add more comments about the CM OmegaHD but I think it would be better to have the unit first before we all get excited about.

    Anyways, thank you Noypigeek for the brilliant review!

    More power! :)

  • gab comia

    Great review noypigeek! Again cherry mobile has set the bar higher for local brands by releasing two amazing phones. I’ve personally owned a cm flare and cm titan and aside from the battery life of my flare i had no major issues with them. Anyway with this in mind i can say as a brand cherry mobile has come a long way from selling phones that drove people crazy to phones that make people crazy happy :) (im one of them). Cherry mobile omega hd surely has the potential to be another blockbuster. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to buy a 5 inch 9mm thick dual core full hd phone with dragon tail corning glass plus a bsi 13 megapix camera, not to mention a 2100mah battery plus dual sim support all for 8k? The only thing that’s stopping people from buying this phone is the concern with the phones performance. i really hope they iron out the software issues and hope that the phone performs better, especially on benchmarks where most people rely on to gauge the phones speed, and we all know people want speed (I certainly do :) ) Aside from that the phone is down right amazing, though come to think of it, if the phone ran dead trigger and temple run 2 with no problems then it would have no problems running most of the apps found at the play store. :D

  • green siger

    guys i just wanna ask if ever i would buy this phone can i change or get rid of the cherry mobile logo jan sa homescreen and also change with the icons below… kc medyo naiilang ako sa logo:) at nalalakihan lang ako sa icons :)) pwde po ba yun?

    • it’s an android smartphone…you can customize it as much as you want..just saying…

      • green siger

        thank u sir.. nagtataka lang kc ako.. bawat view q sa videos lahat may logo sa gitna lalo na kung naka lock mode..:DD pede pasend muko ng picture o video ng naka customized mong CM Omega hd na wala napo logo tsaka iba rin icon hehe.. thank u >:)

        • Pwede po. Default wallpapers lang po yun.

          • green siger

            nice2x.. upload nmn po kayu ng customized omegahd..for sure dami maeenganyo.

  • ralph

    i want to buy samsung galaxy s duos or this fone CM omega hd…. i need some suggest for this two fone ,,, what it’s better… iknow on spec’s cm omega is the best but,,,, i doubt on may self,,,, the quality of this fone CM omega,,,,,,

    • titimopink

      grammar collision?! #aralaraldinpagmaytime

  • neru

    Should I but this or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 wifi for P9,000

    I just preferably use it for video playing and reading adobe documents.
    I dont know if this CM Omega has Polaris installed.

    • If that’s your usage, the Galaxy Tab 2 is better. But the Omega HD is not a bad choice either.

  • any issues po regarding to this phone? gohlly mukang gusto ko nito..

    • Marco Barcelon

      ahahha ou nga eh.. ganda ksi :D

    • yagayaga

      mas mganda po ung my phone a919 duo ehh……

  • Marco Barcelon

    what do u mean illuminated back sensor? ano pong sensor meron sya… ksi bka this july i’ll get one ..

  • Lance

    This phone really urges me to dispose my second phone… just bought last Sunday. It blew my dispositions!! Haha inggit ako s gf ko. When it comes to rebranded phones, I least expect the camera performance. Pero ito?!!! Parang iPhone Lang ang front cam! Wag na magtaka name nakabili kami.ako rin ngtaka dahil alam ko April palang release! Napakoment Lang kasi I just love its overall looks and performance. UN na!

    • Thanks for the feedback. :D

    • yagayaga

      mas maganda kaya yung myphon a919 duo kase maganda lahat performances…

  • cm lover

    i heard na 1080p yung video recording neto, so… ano po ba talaga? and yung resolution niya is 720p ba talaga?

  • miguel

    got mine last sunday, i customized it so it would look like a windows disappointed with the battery life even you’re on idle,turn off wlan,bluetooth,0 brightness etc.. it is still decreasing the batt, but for gaming purposes no problem at all especially pitfall,templerun2,oz etc. hopefully cm will come out a flipcover for omeghd

    • The “Cherry Mobile Fun Club” eats the battery because it uses GPS. You might want to delete that.

      • miguel

        thank you noypigeeks..another helpful info..kudos :-)

      • Agnes Marcelino

        di sya na-unistall.. disabled lang..

        • I think ok na po yan.

        • edz

          bro? na ok na ba un battery? nag last na nang how many hours?

  • rogeliojr

    Hi! Magtanong lang ho kung pwede mag install ng ibang applications kagaya ng Viber, Tango at Facetime etc, or any bad or good experience after the installations. Salamat po!

    • Yes, pwede po sila.

      • 수정

        How about kakaotalk?

        • kiki

          pwede, i’m using Kakaotalk :D

          • lovelygrace543

            how about themes?pwde ba ma install?

  • Ivo

    Bakit walang flip cover itong omega hd? Gumawa naman cla sa titan dati bakit dto sa latest wla e mas hi end naman ito haysss sana magawan lng ng paraan hard case lng available ang cheap naman Grrrr!

  • boy

    Ang ganda niya

  • green siger

    pa upload po ng video or pics ng BLACK CM OmegaHD..
    wala pa po kc nag papakita ng black color neto

    • dadodz

      black din ang hinihintay ko…..any idea kung kelan lalabas ang black na CM OMEGA HD?

  • biljow

    kakabili ko lang nung tuesday march 26. ayos na ayos na sana kaya lang problema ko yung battery :(

    di ko alam kung sira ung battery na nabili ko. example 2% na lang sa phone tapos nung pagplug ko sa charger naging 22% kaagad. ang bilis po magdecrease ng batt. one time nagcharge ako ng 2x sa isang araw. kaya po ba ganito e dahil bago pa ang batt?

    • flitz

      dapat pagbili mo hinayaan mong ma drain, tas pag drain na , icharge mo hanggang full, wag mo gamitin habang nag chacharge.. para safe. then pag ayaw parin, hampas mo na sa mukha ng pinagbilihan mo. jk lang. :3

    • techy_that_is_me :PP

      sabihan mo ang cherry mobile sa problem mo hangang maaga pa pra mapalitan yang battery..

  • stork

    noypigeeks I am so interested to write a review here in your site.. May I? Or should I say can I write some tech-related reviews here? thanks..

  • Louie

    Noypigeeks, I got it na through the battery usage settings. Thanks for the hint in removing the fun club app. :-)

    • Glad it worked for you. :D

    • lovelygrace543

      hindi na xa madali mg lowbat?

  • CM FAN

    Taob na naman MYPHONE! Asan na kayoo? XD

    • techy_that_is_me :PP

      no offense sa my phone buyers pero ang my phone ay nagrerebrand lng po.. meron akong phone na my phone tapos pagtingin ko sa settings tpos about iba ang nkalagay hindi ang model ng my phone na binili ko.. di gaya sa cherry mobile na original cla na maker ng phones kc sa settings tpos about ang model ng cherry mobile talga ang nkalagay..

      • tagakorekngtanga

        no offense rin dude pero di ORIGINAL maker ang Cherry parehas rin sila nag rerebrand di ka ba nag babasa ng mga review?

        • densyo

          totoo yan, pero mas may quality ang myphone :D

        • bakit ba trip nyong manira ng phone na lokal? kung gusto nyo ng phone na perfect, go on bumili kayo ng iphone5!

        • trebor

          i agree sayo bro.. i-sample natin yung Fusion bolt ng cherry mobile.. ang may gawa nun eh ainol novo 7 venus..

      • no offense din sayo, sa dinamidami na ng myphone phones nahawakan ko wala pa ko nakikita na nakalagay sa about phone eh iba.baka peke lang nabili mo(siguro pati Myphone pinipirata na din)

      • YAGAYAGA

        locAl nabili mo!

  • th3avatar

    im looking for a tablet or a phone that can read VCE files as i am preparing for my cisco exam. me apps kaya para dito? ok kaya tong phone na to?

    • Aush Mariano

      tang ina mo magaral ka nalang ng mabuti, dadayain mo pa yung cisco exam. tarantado kang gago ka

      • Please refrain from using bad words. Thank you.

  • techy_that_is_me :PP

    kumpleto na meron android 4.1 JB tpos 1ghz dual core processor with gpu tpos 1gb ram at 12mp camera with 2mp front.. wla na kaung hahanapin pa.. pero reccomend ko lng w8 lng kau ng marami pang gadgets in the future pra di mahuli sa uso :)

  • Lawrence Oliver Sean Espina

    After I read a series of reviews and
    Videos. I bought CM Omega HD during the last week of march.yes its already available. And I have to say that It really is a good phone. The phone is amazing and can play heavy weight games such as FF 3, Temple Run 2, but a bit laggy when Epoch is played. But for a budget friendly phone, its pretty sulit. I have no regrets buying it. The pictures taken with the back camera looks amazing. Overall performance is great. If you’re looking for an affordable gaming phone. I definitely recommend this.

    • lovelygrace543

      hello po, ask lang ako if madali po ba mg lowbat ang CM omega hd?

  • samboy

    pwedi ba maliitan yong icons?? subrang laki mas maganda ung maliit lang.. paano mag change??? naypigeeks pls reply!! asp.

    • Aush Mariano

      ang tanga mo naman >__<

      • lovelygrace543

        madali ba mglowbat phone mo ?

    • DADODZ


  • kakabili ko lng ng OHD last sunday.. 2 stocks lng (ormoc city).. dilat ang mata ng friend ko (with her GSIII).. imagine 3x higher yung price ng S3 nya taz almost d same lng ang feature.. (di pa nya alam na dragon trail pa to).. hehe, if it will last for a year, sulit na sulit na ang 8k.. (FYI; skype-ok, viber-ok, games-ok, the best yung chrome browser) — wag na kayo magduda pa…

    • lovelygrace543

      madali po ba maglowbat?

    • jhay

      yeah–i bought Cm Omega HD–satisfied na ako dito–parang S3 lng–


    I’m looking forward to buying this phone. Anyway, CM has now successfully made a superb smartphone. Still waiting for their superb tablet. Fusion bolt is a bit disappointing.

  • gadget is my life :P

    does this support usb otg?? :)


    well the CM Omega HD has a nice specs for a lower price…pero bka sa software or performance naman kayo dadalihin…..kaya naniniwala ako sa kasabihang…YOU’LL GOT WHAT YOU PAY..

  • Juan Pagola

    Kamusta naman po yung Call quality, Signal, and most especially durability? Baka pang 1 year lang po ito?

    • Juan Pagola

      Tsaka po pala yung audio quality? Malakas po ba. Smooth gaming, good quality call, at good quality audio and video po kasi talaga ang hinahanap ko sa phone.

  • Whatt.!!! Ohmygod
    napanganga ako dito
    Nice review noypigeeks

    But ask ko lang available na kaya ito dito sa baguio?

  • joey mendoza

    hinihintay ko na mag MAY .. para makabili na CH OMEGA sa mga comment palang sa phone nato parang gusto ko na bumili agad ^__^

    • joey mendoza

      CM OMEGA rather ^_^

  • paolo

    really disappointed sa battery long charge almost 5 hours.

  • Agnes Marcelino

    ask ko lang, bakit nung ininstall ko ang go sms pro, di nagtatanong kung sim 1 or 2 ang gagamitin. diretso na sim 1 agad? napilitan ko tuloy gamitin ulit yung blaze..

    • d’mikester

      i think it’s because ung go sms and other sms apps sa play store are all created to operate on single sim phones. wala pa ko nakita or at least heard of a messaging app that works for dual sim phones except mga stock messaging apps…

      • cm_user

        GoSMS supports dual sim… it has sim1 and sim2 buttons sa baba pag magcocompose ng messg

      • cm_user

        GOsms po supports dual sim. GOsms po kc gamit ko.

    • cm_user

      select sa sim settings na send message always asked sa call always asked din po.

  • joey mendoza

    pareng noypigeek is CM Omega is the best phablet worth 8K ? ..

    • bruce francisco

      sa mga nakabili na nato maganda ba mga tol ?

  • Agnes Marcelino

    5 hours to charge talaga sya if fully drained..

    • lovelygrace543

      pero if full na ang battery madali ba xa mag lowbat?

      • Berto

        Sa akin nag last sya two days idle.

  • Nice, but I wish it is a 6 inch phone like Titan TV.
    A 5 inch phone would only make CM look like a iphone/Samsung/HTC clone.

  • Mel

    Where can I buy this not too mention baka peke mabili?Thanks.

    • Kim Obregon

      Lazada or cherry mobile stores

      • mat palileo

        we can trust ba ang lazada para sa electronic gadgets? parang hirap mgtiwala pag magorder online..

    • pOlca

      sa LAZADA

  • Christian Pungtilan

    NFC na lang kulang. Nice review!

  • Dantoy

    ASK KO LANG PO….Bakit po walang signal ang Omega HD ko when i enable the 3G and then set it to “WCDMA only”? But if i select GSM/WCDMA (auto-mode), EDGE naman ang signal….For the record, may 3G naman sa area ko….Anyone? Please answer…..Thanks in advance……….Pahabol lang, Battery charging is almost 4 hours daily…!

    • lovely

      hi madali ba mg lowbat ang cm omega hd?

  • Angel

    Hi good morning po, ask ko lang po kasi pag naka connect po ako sa internet with my CM Omega HD, napansin ko po kasi na wala pong 3G na nag aappear sa aking signal since, usually “H” lang at “E” sign… and mahina po ang internet kasi hinde po ako makaka speed test eh… tnx sa sagot

    • Berto

      I think H yun na ung 3g po. H i think stands for hspa which is in a sense 3g.

  • Meg

    I am choosing between buying the Omega HD or the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Though the specs of the Omega HD is much better than the Galaxy S3 mini, I am afraid that it will not last for more than a year. So, will the Omega HD be able to last for more than a year?

    • Ace

      We have the same choice and problem… Im considering the brand… We know that when it comes to brand, Samsung is popular and is much trusted than Cherry Mobile… Im considering the budget too cause I have only 10,000. And Omega HD is just 8000 and S3 Mini is 14,000. But they said that S3 mini is not as good as Galaxy S3. I am really confused what to buy. Cause I am also afraid that if I choose Omega HD, will it last for a long time? Im sure that it depends on how someone handle and uses it but it’s still different if the phone has a good quality.

      • Roel

        Hi I have a S3 mini 2 months old very fresh looks like new complete package u want to buy. Roel 09193434332

      • yaiks….

        pre get the s3. i know 3 people with s3’s that are over a yr old and still going without a glitch. 14k / 12 that’s equal to just around 1.2k/mth that you’re spending for your phone and the longer your phone life is the more you save. CHERRY AINT GONNA LAST MORE THAN 3 MTHS

        an officem8 have a 6mth old flare that is still running smoothly…wow 6mths…its coz she’s not using it as a phone.. the only time she uses it is to play “bejeweled”, the 1 and only game she has installed and it doesnt even have a sim card.. Kaya naman pala e!!

        Dagdaan mo na lang ng konti pa 8k mo bawi ka pa…konting pasko may S3. :)

        • Aldrin Navarro


          I have my 4 months old Flare running smoothly (good as new). I use it as a phone, as a toy, as a music player, as a video player, as a tethering device and as a test device of my android programs. Now what?

        • JP Garmay

          kalokohan nanaman yang sinasabi mo. kung di ka ba naman tanga eh ang dami ng magagaling na supplier from China ang CM, mahilig ka mag generalize, napag hahalata ang ka bobohan mo. hehehe

        • FALSE

          i still have my W900 dragon phone which i bought almost a year ago. its stil performing the like its brand new, twice na nahulog yung w900 ko pero wala naman problema sa operation niya. yung mga old models nila na d pa rebranded cguro yun madaling masira mga yun. pero yung mga bagong models nila rebranded phones ang mga yan pre. iba na quality ng mga yan.

        • duni


          i have a cherry nova for 3 years twice nhulog approx 3 feet still works fine still using it now.

        • lol

          Sa pagpost mo ng iyong komento halatang-halata na Samsung Fanboy ka.

  • lovelygrace543

    sa mga nakabili na nito pwdw ba malaman if madali ba mglowbat/

    • OmegaHdUser

      everyday charging ang kailangan. I use it every now and then for gaming and social networks (wifi).

  • zandysandyzandi gonzales

    kakasnatch lang ng smartphone ko kani kanina lang. Sa sobrang inis at stress ko, nagpakalunod ako sa sandamakmak na mura, quality phones online. Salamat CM OMEGA HD bibilhin na kita sa birthday ko.

    Pero, bad trip pa rin ako. Masira sana kagad yung phone kong nasnatch at nang wala na siyang mapakinabangan! grrr..

    puro mga kalokohan ibang mga reply dito. Kinabag ako ng konti kakatawa. sige drugs pa! :)hehe

    • JP Garmay

      tulad mo epal ka pa ng walang kwenta….alis ka jan. lolz

  • gano katagal BATT life nya in terms of gaming?

  • meg

    Why does it vibrate every time I type eventhough vibrate on touch isn’t activated

  • ok b mikinig music dto? ksi sa flare ko e mhina e..

    • OmegaHdUser

      malakas na rin ang volume ng OmegaHD at hindi pa sabog yung sounds. :))

  • marvs

    I have CM Flare. Nahagis ko na siya ng two times kasi nag-away kami ng partner ko. And I was shocked buo pa rin siya. I thought madali lang masira ang CM.
    Tingin ko improved na ang quality ng CM. I will buy OMEGA HD, soooooon! :)

    • JP Garmay

      yup depende sa kung saan supplier kumuha si CM for a particular phone model, dami sila sources from China (not india lol).

  • aika

    mga kapatid, may TV ba to?

    • OmegaHdUser

      wala po

  • athena

    hello po magtatanong po sana anu po yun dapat e download ko para makapag screenshot? kasi po palaging error lahat na yata ng sreenshots hindi gumagana help po!! thanks

    • coldep

      same problem here ms athena..

      • sikwati

        hold nyo yung volume down + power mag printscreen nayan no need mag download na kung anu pa

    • Guest

      try hold Home+power + volume down screensot

  • johnrme

    maganda bah yang phone nayan? …………….nag cocolek lang kac ako ng mga cp

  • coldep

    hello po magtatanong po sana anu po yun dapat e download ko para makapag screenshot? kasi po palaging error lahat na yata ng sreenshots hindi gumagana help po!! thanks

    • Guest

      na try muna hold Home+power + volume down??

  • eto na bibilhin ko… ung s2 ko wla pa 2 yrs cra na…, maingat nmn ako sa phone… nadisappoint tlga ako sa samsung… buti pa ung mga nokia ko ok pa until now… kaya downgrade muna ako… bago bumili ng omega hd… kasi halos lahat ng CM stalls and koisk ay not available or out of stock pa ang omega HD… at least umabot man ito ng 1 year sulit na… unlike nung s2 ko 29k wla pang 2 yrs…

    • You can’t compare Samsung phones with CM ones. I have an S2 and it’s still working, enjoying JB 4.1.2 plus motion sensors. not to mention 16GB internal memory, 1080p video camera, etc. :)

      • Mark Steven Nonato

        kung babasahin nyo po yung comment nya at intindihin ng konti, di po nya actually kinocompare ung dalawa, tinitignan nya kung saan sya mas makaka sulit, kung babasahin ulit sabi nya,”kung tatagal lang sakanya ung OHD atleast 1 year sulit na” dahil nga sa price dba?

        kya nga sabi nya, baka downgrade muna? malamang mas maganda nga ang s2 eh mgkano ba un? XD

        • Guest

          ikaw na !

  • Jay Cachola Tolentino

    pwede po ba mag post kau ng myphone a919i vs omega hd?

    • JP gamay


  • Number116

    I loooove my omega works really well. My only problem is, i cant edit my contacts. There’s no dlete or edit button. Can anyone help me? It’s not even in the instruction manual.

    • OmegaHdUser

      it’s there. try to press yung button sa may leftmost ng phone.

      • Number116

        Thanks! I can edit my contacts na :)

        • OHDNew

          What button will i press? is it is the case?

  • 711forever

    Which camera takes better pictures and videos, cm omega hd or my phone a919i?

    • hunk


    • JP gamay

      A919i take great pictures and videos

    • hyper sa tagal

      siguro po dito nlang ako sa my phone a919i kahit d masyado maganda ung kuha ok lang!!!!

      pahirap lang yang cherry mobile na yan walang kwenta try mo mag punta sa service center nila kung gaano kadami ang tao sa kanila siguro oras2x araw2x
      hindi mawawalan ng tao don sa dami ng nasisira na phone ng Cherry tagal pa magawa aabot pa ng 1 or 3 years mabubulok nlang ung resibo d mo pa makukuha at ang dali pa masira ung unit nila

      kaya kung ako sau mag my phone ka nlang

      kaya wag kana bibili ng cherry kahit maganda pa ung spec or cam ng unit

      piliin mo ung tatagal at approve sa maraming tao try mo mag punta sa service center nila at sa my phone i-compare mo at mag tanong tanong ka samahan pa kita

  • accidentaly pokasing nabagsak ung omega hd ko, pero nagana pa po ung screen kaso basag po yung mirror ata before lcd :'( anu po kayang pede kong gawin? magkanu din po kaya papalit ng ng mirror kung sakali?

    • hyper sa tagal

      ipagawa mo na yan sa service center nila tanong mo kung klan mo makukuha yan

  • Gumagana ba led light nyn? Sa omega ko hindi eh badtrip

  • Raymond

    quick question, saan po ang reset button ng OMEGA HD? ayaw po kasi ma ON pero may lumalabas asking to reboot :( im worried!

    • hyper sa tagal

      reboot mo lang ok lang yan nothing happen
      kapag may system like camera na d gumana dalhin mo nlang sa service center nila yan don mo pagawa masirain talaga ang cherry mobile

  • OmegaHD

    Bakit po nakalagay sa internal storage ng OHD is 1gb lang pero dapat 4 gb di ba? Ibabalik ko ba yung phone sa binilhan ko? Cherry mobile moa branch.

    • jeffrey montesa

      saken din :( 1gb lng nkalagay n internal

      • ayen

        eh kc ung 3GB kinuha na ng system un…ung mga pre installed apps at also ung OS for jelly bean kya 1GB nlng ung available na internal nian….

  • green_siger

    @NoypiGeeks:disqus sir can u giv me a trusted dealer na nagbebenta brandnew omegahd.. para paship dito sa bohol. I really need to buy one asap. rply po asap.thank you

    • jbrent

      sa mall hnap ka

  • jeffrey montesa

    Nakakainis :( may white pixel na nakalagay sa front camera kapag ginagamit.. parang may taling na puti kapag ngpipicture :(

    • jbrent

      ibalik nyu sa cm yan

  • adamites

    Can i change the battery into 2350mAh?

  • numbskullz

    ang daling mag-init ng phone nato.. everytime i play temple run or any other games for just 5-10 minutes, umiinit agad… any tips po? battery problem po ba to?

  • techie

    which is better OHD o Skyfire 2.0 please answer

    • jbrent

      skyfire i thing

      • zipaligned

        u really thing its skyfire? lmao

    • Anonymous

      hahahah i thing

  • meron na bang jelly case ang omega hd?

  • bloodzjnae


    • hyper sa tagal

      ingat inat wag po masyado gumamit ng application na malakas mag mag painit ng phone nyo like ung games musik bigla nglang may masisira dyan like po sa akin same lang po ng hyper lakas mag init ngaun nasa service center na nila d ko pa nakukuha sira ung output ng headset ko subrang init ng pag hinahawakan ko eh kahit d nga ako ng games or mg play ng musik ang lakas ng init ng phone ko try nyo ilagay sa bulsa ng pant nyo sa harap mararamdaman nyo ung init akala nyo pinapaso kau ng sigarilyo
      yan po ung mga napansin ko sa adriod phone po nila malakas mag init ng unit
      tapos masisira nlang

  • bloodzjnae


  • kiminess02

    @865212e75ee9fa36b94c9a556df289f2:disqus may ganyang spot din dun sa kakabili ko lang na CM phone (Cherry Mobile Click) may yellowish spot siya pag inoopen ko yung Contacts tapos nawawala pag cnlose ko na. Di ko din alam kung ano yun natatakot nga ako baka yun pa maging dahilan ng ikasisira ng phone ko. :(

  • Aya brea resoco

    wala yan sa myphone a919 duo koandali nyan malowbat saka andali uminit mas

  • Aya brea resoco

    pakicompare nalang…

    Cherry Mobile Omega HD Specs:

    4.1.1 Jelly Bean
    Dual Standby
    HD IPS Dragon Trail Glass display, 1280×720 pixel resolution, 294 ppi
    dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor
    SGX531 GPU
    1GB RAM
    4GBinternal storage, supports microSD card up to 32GB
    12-megapixelautofocus BSI camera with LED flash
    720pHD video recording at 30fps
    2-megapixel front camera
    Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi hotspot
    Bluetoothwith A2DP
    Dimension:143.5 x 70.8 x 8.8mm
    2100mAh Li-Ion Battery;

    MyPhone A919i Duo Specs:

    Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
    5-inch HD (1280×720) IPS Display, 16M colors,
    ~294 ppi pixel density
    MTK MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core processor,Cortex-A7
    PowerVR SGX544
    1GB RAM
    4GB internal memory
    microSD support up to 32GB
    8-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
    720p HD video recording at 30fps
    2-megapixel front camera
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot
    HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 11 Mbps
    Bluetooth v4.0
    microUSB v2.0
    GPS, A-GPS
    Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity
    Dimensions: 144 x 74 x 10.7 mm (5.67 x 2.91 x0.42 in)
    Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery

    spt po the diffference…….
    diba mas better yung myphone a919 duo?

    • jedh

      ang baba ng ram 512 lang po. lag na po yan pag nag games ka

  • green siger

    How many hours po dapat icharge ang battery ng cm omega hd for the first time charging?? bago papo kc..

    • gee2

      it takes 5 hours to fully charge the phone.

  • Meg

    Why does it take 5 hours to charge everytime, and it only lasts for half a day eventhough I only use it for social networking sites?

    • charms

      better charge it over-night when you sleep and it’ll last a day…i browse a lot too..wifi always on…try to set the brightness so it won’t consume that much of the battery..

    • gee2

      ‘cuz its HD therefore your battery won’t last long

  • Scratch Resistant Kuno

    “it’s designed to be ultra-tough (scratch resistant). At the event, they even challenged us to do anything we could to scratch the screen, providing us a variety of implements to do just that.”
    how if mascratch sya.. pde ba isauli or pagbayadin damage Cherrymobile for claiming thier OHD is scratch resistant.. tapos di nman pla totoo scratch resistant??

    • Mukamo

      Sir, Scratch resistant lang, hindi scratch proof. Learn to know the difference between the two. You sounded like a butthurt child.

    • hyper sa tagal

      pwede yan isauli yan pwede nga ireklamo yan eh

      d nila pwede ibenta yang item kung d nman totoo ung mga nkalagay na scratch resistant. tapos magagasgas ano ung?

    • Anonymous

      google google din kasi

      • Anonymous

        when im using skype namamatay yung ilaw nya, pano ba mapapailaw ulit yun, ang hirap nya kasi gamitin sa skye same sa call automatic namamatay ilaw pag may tawag. help naman.

  • charms

    i have one…i love how long the battery lasts…in between classes while waiting for the teacher i play games like subway surf, into the dead, hill climb racing, temple run oz and brave…hindi sya madali malobat infareness…plus i call a lot than text…in a day…it doesn’t hang too and the camera rocks…i also take lots of photos to post on blogs and instagram :) it’s all worth it! I even had read an epub/ebook whole day without being interrupted that the batt’s going empty or what… :)

    • Alphabet Soup

      Hindi naman mabilis uminit yung battery nya kapag gnamit mo?

      • Natnit Rombel

        umiinit..mga 10 mins na HD unit ko. ewan ko sa ibang units ng CM..:-(

    • Roy Ramos

      kumusta naman ang flash sa dilim pag close shot? kita ba yong subject pag nag-picture?

    • gee2

      how old is your phone?

      • djleorock

        Mine is CM FLAME and 1 year ol this January 2014

  • guest

    Kabibili ko lang nito, and guess what, in just TWO WEEKS, nasira kaagad yung camera nya. Then hindi na siya pwedeng i-replace kasi lagpas na daw ng 1 week. So dapat ipa-repair nalang daw siya. When I called naman their service center dito sa Cebu, sabi nila ipapadala pa daw nila sa Manila kasi Android nga daw. And it will take pa daw 3-5 weeks before I can get my phone again!

    Grabe sobrang inis ko talaga, kasi naman 2 weeks palang nasira na kaagad. Tapos hindi pa nila ako binigyan ng leeway kahit two weeks palang yung phone ko. Ang laki pa ng hassle kung ipapadala pa siya sa Manila. Sayang talaga yung pera ko. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

    To Cherry Mobile, if you’re reading this, sana naman you’ll consider i-replace yung defective phone kahit more than a week na siyang nabili as long as hindi lang siya lalagpas ng 1 month. Kasi naman diba yung 2 weeks is not that much of a difference sa one week? Then ipapadala pa sa Manila for repair. Ang laki na po ng hassle. Eh pano kung sira pa rin siya pagkatapos i-repair? Ang layo pa naman ng service center dito sa amin. Mura lang nga yung phone nyo pero dito naman maubos yung pera namin dahil sa inyong after sales service :(

    • Natnit Rombel

      for no apparent reason, my camera stopped working..i was taking pix wen the screen went blank. it turned out, ala na ung camera app. The thing is, even if i downloaded other android camera apps, its still wont work. what happened? shucks..

      • guest

        yun rin ang nangyari sa phone ko. when I brought it back to the store, they reformatted/reset my phone and after that, nawala yung camera app. hindi rin gumagana using other android camera apps. but ngayon na-repair na nila (I had it sent nalang kasi to Manila coz I had no other choice). it was repaired for one month and according to the technical report, they replaced the camera with a new one. still, I’m not very happy with them (including the store where I bought it, kakainis grrr!). at least I’ve learned a lesson, never buy from cherry mobile (and berlein electronics) ever again!

        • hyper sa tagal

          isa lang po ang comment ko po sa inyo

          try nyo mag punta sa service center nila tapos tignan nyo kung gaano kadami ang tao ng nag pupunta sa kanila in a 1 day tapos for nex day bilangin nyo ulit for nex day pag ung tao o ung dami dumadagdag pa alam na hindi po maganda ang cherry mobile madali syang masira hindi matibay at walang kwenta pagawa nyo aabot ng 1,2,3 months ang pag gawa malas nyo pa pag umabot ng 1 or 2 years yan tapos sasabihin pa hindi na magagawa ung phone

          hyper ko nga hanggang ngaun wala pa din ung 1 year waranty nya bawas ng ng 3 months so ilan nlang ang matitira e d ko pa masyadong nagagamit alaost 1 months and 2 weeks palang sira agad hanggang ngaun wala pa nasa kanila pa din nag text ako sabi nila on process to repair na daw pero hanggang ngaun wala pang tawag o txt kung gawa na tinatawagan ko bz at ring lang ng ring

          kaya ngaun di na ako talaga bibili ng Cherry mobile phone tama nga sabi ng mga kaibigan ko sayang lang ung pera mo sa cherry

    • van dam

      yes they can read this and alam nila ang problema sa mga unit nila.
      but who cares from cherry mobile side. wala silang ginagawa sa aftersales nila. napakabagal ng processing, laging may sira sa mga unit nila tapos minsan sasabihin sayo walang parts.oorderin pa. laging may dahilan sila.

  • Roy Ramos

    how’s the camera flash performance so far?
    kasi i was disappointed with CM products, i’ve used 2 of their phones, Flare and Burst, both can’t take a decent close shot in the dark, merely display lang yong flash at para masabi lang na may flash nga, tapos super dark na nga, may halo and bluish pa yong super dilim na picture. i hope the HD can take a decent close shot at the dark kasi i kinda like the specs and size, might consider to switch to this. can anyone tell us please as to how the flash of this omega hd works? Thanks in advance.

    • margarette

      the camerit is really fine. and it will not give you any problem about it. the flash work’s as it is. so for me this unit is great.

  • MandM

    I only have 1B internal storage pero sabi kasi 4gb. What to do? Kulamg na kulang kasi sa memory!

    • 4gb nga internal memory niya peru malaki din kasi ung size ng OS at ung mga free loaded apps niya kaya kunti nalang available na memory, advice ko, download ka ng App 2 SD sa play store, may mga apps kasi na pd e move prom phone to SD.

      • CM BULOK

        sir baket nga 1gig lang memory? dapat 4 gig parin nakaregistered sa phone?? panu naging 4gig ang 1gig?? sayang lang dalawang unit ko.

  • niq

    two weeks after i bought my cherry omega hd the back camera malfunctioned, bigla lang sya nagblack out. Dinala ko sya sa service center sa may southmall las pinas tapos sabi need daw ireformat it takes 3 hours. pagbalik ko hindi daw kay ng reformat so kailangan dalhin sa manila mga 2-3 weeks daw. no choice since hindi naman nila papalitan yung unit pumayag na lang ako. they said they’ll just contact me if ok na, hinihingi ko na din contact number nila. here comes 2nd week, 3rd week no calls nor text. i’ve called so many times walang sumasagot sa number nilang nagriring… super hassle kasi malayo din if pupunta ko dun ng wala pa naman dun phone ko. try to call everyday, once may sumagot ang sabi wala pa daw dun yung phone ko. nasa manila pa din daw..its been a month — still no phone coming back.. ayos db? baka sa pasko baka sakaling magawa na..buti nakaya ko pang mag stay calm since wala ding mangyayari kung awayin ko pa…malamang madami ng nangaaway sa service center nila araw araw….hayyy life

    • guest

      same thing happened to me (read my comment below as ‘guest’). 2 weeks palang sira kaagad yung camera. but ngayon (after one month) naayos na nila, pinalitan daw nila yung camera. still, it doesn’t change the fact that low quality yung products nila. I guess that’s the price to pay for cheap phones. one thing’s for sure, I’m never buying from cherry mobile ever again!

    • hyper sa tagal

      hirap talaga gumamit ng cherry mobile sayang lang pera natin dyan kapatid ko nga d na nya kinuha almast a year na nya pinagawa dyan wala padin tawag ganun din sa friend ko sa work almost 2 or 3 year na daw ung receipt nya nabubulok na sa walet hanggang ngaun wala pa din d pa raw nagagawa

      kaya nga ngaun balak ko sana bumili ng CM omega hd 2.0 ayoko na putik eh pati nga ata ung Hyper ko mag 2 months na wala pa din mukhang aabot din ng 1 or 3 year sa kaninla un nag sisi tuloy ako sana nag my phone nlang ako panalo pa pag na sira magagawa agad nila 1 day or 1 week lang ok na

      kaya ngaun d na ako bibili ng cherry sayang talaga pera dyan sana i-ban na yan walang kwenta…….

      • reynan

        gnyan tlga pag bopols gumagamit

  • margarette

    i have CM OMEGA HD too and it is already 1 month and 2 weeks old. the phone work’s perfectly great and the camera really awesome. the flash is good especially at the dark. it doesn’t give you any problem. battery life last whole day even if i always used internet, games, call and text. internet is really fast!!! as in!! though sometimes its mabagal and maybe because of the connection. so far i never encounter any headache for this phone. i really love CM OMEGA and i’ll give two thumbs up for CM by creating this amazing unit!!!

  • marco

    is there anyone can help me with battery problem of OHD2.0? it’s draining too fast, after i fully charged my phone, i used it for about 9 mins. (texts only about 2-3 texts, and phone stand by) and it drains 11%!! this is my second replacement, the first one had the same problem.. i just wanna know if is this normal? are you all experiencing this problem? your response will be highly appreciated.. thanks

    • CM_fan

      is your mobile network turned on?

  • bubbles

    can anyone help me on mh OHD. di na ngffunction yung camera nya front cam nalang nagagamit ko pati yung app na flashlight is not working. i dont know what happen. is it advisable na ipa-format ko sya? o meron pa ibang way para maayos.. any suggestion po. thanks

    • hyper sa tagal

      maganda lang yan sa case at sa mga application d rin mag tatagal yan masisira din agad yan d yan matibay kait ba Dragon Trail Glass display pa yan eh ung system at mga chips nyan madali nman masira

      Dragon Trail Glass display,
      Dragon Trail Glass display
      Dragon Trail Glass display

  • hyper sa tagal

    hinding hindi na ako bibili ng cherry mobile kahit gaano pa sya kaganda matibay lang sa tingin mo pero sa loob nyan ung mga chips, ic, ung system nyan madali lang masira at may mga mag – mamalfunction sa kahit anumang unit ng phone ng cherry

    ayoko na talaga ng Cherry mobile

    i hate cherry mobile phones

    • Anonymous

      u mad bro ?

    • reynan

      u bitter .. no regrets sa CM phone. gnyan lng tlga resulta pag di ka marunong gumamit

  • gusting

    9 months na cm flare ko still good as new.. hope it would be the same with my cm omega 2.0 ^^ flashed new stock rom para maalis bloatware. battery is good and camera is perfect.

    • cesar

      Mga kaibigan mahina ba talaga tunog ng message tone at ringrone kahit full volume flame 2.0 battery talaga bang mabilis ma drain? Thank you

  • I’m palnning to buy OMEGA HD 2.0 sana, peru sa mga nababasa kung comments mostly mas maraming issue yong cherry mobile phone. sa mga kaibigan ko madali daw masira lalo na camera niya.

    • yel

      Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga negatives na sinasabi cause mine works great. Nahihigaan ko pa nga to minsan, so alam ko matibay kasi careless ako eh. It’s really worth it. Siguro malas lang sila defective ang nabili nila. You’ve got to love the HD screen. For me matibay to kesa ibang CM kasi ang screen matibay. Hindi madali ma scratch promise, walang screen protector ang phone ko.

      • Thanks for your encouraging feedback, marami pala defected na unit ang CM malas tlga pag un mabili.

      • Sam

        Hi! Ask ko lang if totoo na may issue regarding sa space bar na hindi raw masyado responsive. Factory defect lang ba siya on some phones or lahat ganun? I’m planning to buy OHD2 this week kasi and I use messaging a lot. Pls answer ASAP merci beacoup! :)

      • cesar

        Pre mabilis b talaga ma drain battery flame 2.0

    • cesar

      Hi angeline maganda ang cm kaso battery talaga problem nya flame 2.0 gamit ko

    • a919

      di rin pwedeng mag insert ng extra sim isa lang pwedeng gamitin na sim may x mark ung second sim

  • ros

    bluish din ba display nito? pansin ko kasi halos lahat ng unit ng cherry mobile bluish ang lcd

  • nardz

    hmmmm.. ako ksi I was planning to buy this november.. kso bago ako bumili binubusisi ko muna yung reviews saka ung comments ng mga naka bili.. ayoko ksi masayang yung pera ko…
    one of my choices ksi tong omega hd 2.0 pero ksi ang daming ding negative comments just like star mobile..
    My phone nlng cguro ako..

  • alex

    plss help me decide . im planning to buy this omega cherry mobile phone. anong maganda ? help ? durable ba xa ? baka kasi masayang lang pera ko .

    • bahizzzzta12

      ok sya brod…i used it for 3 years na…

  • jOEM

    cherry mobile kc 6o% Fully walang defected~ 40% my problema.. chambahan ~ na lang…~ kung mabi2li mo matino..o may problema

  • mraz

    sobrang tagal i’charge nung phone. :( i left it overnight charging still not even full.

    • newbie

      Just bought mine yesterday..I charged it when it was less than 10% because someone said it wasn’t ideal to drain the factory charge. It charged after 3 hours. Although I used our nexus 7 (2012) charger which is a fast charger compared to other. Have you tried using another charger?

  • trey

    paano po ba transfer files from phone to memory card

  • raverxx1015

    meron po aq brand new unit ng cm omega hd 2.0 nbili ko po khpn ng 8k graduation gift ko po sana s kpatid q kso ayaw nya.selling price is 7.5k pero pg cash asap pa pm nlng po bka pde patawaran mbalik lng un pera q.09272744296….09272744296

  • kyle

    ang daming problems na ng omega hd 1.0 ko.. panu ito iroot? help naman.. ung sa wifi nd magopen, sa touch pad may problem kasi pagngttype ako iba nalabas at minsan tumatawag kahit ngttxt ka… pa help naman.. panu to ausin?

  • Locco

    So far so good C.M hd 2.0 is cool to used… no problems encountered so far. though charging is far more difficult taking it 5hrs to charge. and when in used download BATTERY DOCTOR it really helps a lot for your unit not to drain fast and i can use my omega HD 2.0 for two days atleast.

  • socrates

    pwede bang kumuha ng files mula sa USB storages tas send sa e-mail ?

  • bambeth

    magtatanong lng po bat ganon po ba pnadala na nga sa cherry mobile center sa manila ung unit q then nag stay ng almost 3months pag balik sakin ganon padn n hnd po na ayos 6months q palng nagamit ang omega hd 2.0 na unit q…

  • bambeth

    ung problema po automatic on and off padn sya

    • Guest

      looks like a firmware issue, kailangan lang i-reflash yan

  • mhai

    So far..maganda para sa akin ang omega hd…parang kalidad yung mamahalin na phone…affordable cia..bilis mg internet..wag lang abusuhin ang phone regarding sa games na yan..if you like to ….magtagal ang unit..takecare of it…ingatan na hindi maholog..depende naaman yan sa gumagamit….wag ipapalarosa mgabata..why….kasi pindotng much as possible talaga…beforekasi hinahayaan ko lang sa kiddo ko..madalingmasira kahit mahal na unit….love your phone howyou loveyour give 10 starsparasa cherrymobile omegahd

  • RaizenJhay

    anyone here know how to hard reset an OMEGA HD H100??? pls help me

  • Glen

    maganda ba nag omega HD? guys kahit natagal na 1 year please Talk to me -_-

    • Guest

      well, magto-two years na Omega HD ko at buhay pa naman

  • Sam Grandes Drilon

    2 years, alive and still a kick ass :D Camera quality is still great!

  • ejhay

    actually im planning to buy CM S3 icon, But my friend told me about his using phone which is CM HD, but based on the comments here, i doubted!!!
    or it’s just depend on the user!