So here’s the tutorial I’m talking about on how to root Cherry Mobile Nova. As I’ve said before, this android phone from Cherry Mobile really rock and it is on par as compared to other entry level phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Y. To maximize its full potential, I recommend you to root it in order to have a broader access to the OS and use special apps like link2SD. Read on how to use link2SD after you’ve finished rooting. Oh, I forgot that this is actually a rooting tutorial so I’ll stop praising it – unless someone asks for a review.


DISCLAIMER: NoypiGeeks will not be responsible for any damage that may possibly occur to your device in any part of the process although it is unlikely to happen if you’ll follow the instructions carefully. Root at your own risk.


NOTE: This rooting method that I will be teaching you will only work if you’re still on Nova’s official Android 2.1 Eclair stock ROM. Therefore, if you already upgraded your device to Android 2.2 Froyo, sorry but this will not work. However, there is still another way for that but it is somewhat harder than this one. Ok, lets proceed on how to root Cherry Mobile Nova.

1. Make sure your battery level is above 80%. This is not required but I’m recommending it to lessen possible problems.

2. Download z4root. You can download it using your PC or phone it doesn’t matter just place it in your SD card.

3. Install the z4root app on your Nova.

4. Launch the app and click ROOT!

5. Wait for the whole process to finish.

6. Voila! You’ve successfully rooted your Cherry Mobile Nova!

Easy, right? Now if you’re not satisfied with your stock ROM, see my guide on how to install CyanogenMod on Cherry Mobile Nova. You’ll surely love your phone more once you discovered the power of it. I’ll update this post immediately once I finished doing it. Watch out!

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