With EMUI 11 well-established at this point, it’s time for Huawei users to look forward to something new. Last Friday, Huawei announced the next version EMUI 12, along with fresh features and a sleeker user interface.

You would be forgiven for mistaking the EMUI 12 as the HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei’s homegrown mobile operating system. The former seems to be inspired by the latter. With the revamped user interface, you’ll easily notice rounded corners, fine gradients, and a color theme that leans heavily on black, white, and blue.


EMUI 12 provides some customizations to help users adjust the UI to their liking. This includes a slider that allows you to set the font-weight. Huawei has also added a new shortcut to the control panel. It’s by swiping down, and it works from any screen.

EMU 12 is still Android at its core, though; and this is Huawei’s show of continuing support for its loyal Android users.

As an alternative to Apple’s FaceTime, Huawei is giving users access to its own MeeTime video calling service.


Other features include a collaboration tool that Huawei phones connect with other Huawei devices. For instance, you’ll be able to make phone calls via Huawei MatePad tablet, edit phone files on a MateBook, or extend the phone’s display to a Huawei Vision smart TV.

There’s also MeeTime, Huawei’s answer to FaceTime.

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