Hot off the heels of the Android Wear announcement and LG’s take on the platform, Motorola announced their own Android Wear-powered device, the Moto 360. As, the name implies, this smartwatch is different from any that came before it by looking much more like a traditional watch: what with it being round and all. Unfortunately, other than the aesthetics, Motorola have been mum about anything else, such as specs, pricing, and availability (although it’s said to come out within US’s summer season. They’ve also said that it’ll come in a variety of styles other than the one shown in the teaser. For one, it’ll come with either leather or metal straps. Personally, I find this to be the best-looking smartwatch to ever come out (even if it hasn’t come out yet).

As an Android Wear device, much of its bells and whistles rely on its seamless Google Now integration. As awesome as it is, though, it’s a double edged sword for most countries outside North America. Google Now (understandably) relies on constant Internet access (via your smartphone) to be able to give you unparalleled info via the Google Now cards. It’s still usable for offline notifications, though, but you’re going to feel it underperforming in that scenario. Then again, that may be true for many or most smartwatches.

Regardless, I’m personally more interested with this smartwatch than the other smartwatches that came before.

[Source: Engadget]

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