O+ USA just sent us the details of the launch of their upcoming quad-core android phone, O+ 8.15. The initial unveiling will happen in an O Plus Concept Store on SM North EDSA and the first 100 people who will buy from 10AM-11AM will get Php3,000 off from its original price.

O+ 8.15 is the new flagship android phone from the O+ brand, the follow-up of the successful O+ 8.12 which we reviewed before. But now, they are even more suited to be more successful with the launch of one of the best quad-core android phones here in the Philippines. Well, just take a look at the specs.

[two_fifth]It’s one of the thinnest 5-inch android phones in the market.[/two_fifth]

O Plus 8.15 has a 5-inch HD (1280×720 pixel resolution) IPS Display which is sharp and vibrant than other sceens out there. It will also be accompanied by a speedy 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean – one of the few come pre-installed with the said OS out of the box. It also has a plentiful 8GB of internal for app and games addicts so you can bring loads of apps on the go. As for other multimedia features, it will have an 8-megapixel BSI autofocus rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera. What’s even more exciting about this smartphone is that it’s very thin, measuring only 8.4mm, it’s definitely one of the thinnest 5-inchers in the market. To give you an idea, the Galaxy S4 measures 7.9mm thin. Check out the complete specs below.

UPDATE: O+ 8.15 Android Phone Review

UPDATE: O+ 8.15 Unboxing: 5-inch Quad-core Android Phone with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

O+ 8.15 Specs

  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
  • 5-inch HD IPS *Dragon Trail Glass Display, 1280×720 pixel resolution, 294ppi
  • MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex A9 (A7) processor (According to O+, for confirmation)
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • expandable up to 32GB via microSD card
  • 8-megapixel BSI autofocus main camera with LED flash
  • 2-megapixel front facing camera
  • 3G, HSDPA
  • WiFi, WiFi hotspot
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • microUSB
  • Air Shuffle music, photos, camera, and FM radio
  • Quad-band
  • 2000mAh battery

O+ 8.15 grand launching SALE, Discounts

Other O+ android phones on SALE!

Aside from O Plus 8.15, other O+ android phones such as the O+ 8.12, O+ 8.9, O+ 8. 6, and O+ 9.76 Pad will also be on discounted prices. You can check out their prices below.

O Plus android devices SALE

Good deals, right? So if I were you, mark your calendars now and take advantage of the great offering from O+ USA! O Plus android devices are known for their stellar build quality and I can attest to that as I own several android phones here. Now, tell me which one do you like?

UPDATE: Other O+ android devices listed above will go on sale on other kiosks starting May 17 and the sale will last for 1 month.

UPDATE as of June 2013: Read our full review of the O+ 8.15 android phone HERE.

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  1. Finally!!! It’s about time to get that b—h!!

    I MEAN REALLY!! i can’t wait to get my hand s on that…-hand gesture-

  2. i wanna avail of the o+ 8.15 pro nasa province ako..panu kaya ako mkakabili nun na discounted na?

    1. Hi, O+ said that the discount will only be available on SM North EDSA. But in case you want other O+ phones, they said that the discounted prices will also be implemented on other stores starting May 17.

  3. LoL mag Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 na lang ako bahala kayo mag away lahat jan. hihihi

  4. is this a joke?

    a919i duo of MyPhone is only 10k (almost) and they have almost the same exact hardware specs. actually this is only 4G more storage than a919i duo and that’s it and you have to pay 3k more.

    You can always expand the storage with microSD.

    1. Eh di mag My phone ka? may pumipilit ba sayo na bumili ka? Kung wala kang budget eh di dun ka sa mura! Kung meron eh di mamili kung ano bibilin! Jusko! Nagmamarunong pa! Basta happy ako na O plus user at maganda ang phone nila. Actually naka Jelly Bean na nga ang 8.12 ko dahil may update na sila!

      1. haha…
        bulls eye ba ko?
        sori O+ fanboy ka pala… cool lang
        NO harm done? toink…

          1. NYEHEHEHE…. NEED I SAY MORE BRO? kakatuwa dito no I like this site dami pa lang sensitive dito ma-bookmark nga TOINK… INTSIK KWAKANG…. CHAO CIAO… HEHE

        1. So you call everyone here a fanboy and expect no harm done? You’re an interesting fellow.

          1. isn’t that a compliment?
            maybe not… hehe… you’re equally intresting pillow…

  5. hmmmn? what’s the advantage of this over myphone A919i other than the air shuffle feature ?

    1. Hi,

      For the basics: build quality, 8-megapixel BSI camera, 8GB intenal memory, free 8GB microSD card, and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (4.2 is better than 4.1 obviously).

      1. – build quality is the same bro, it’s not metal vs plastic unlike gs4 vs htc one. thin profile is irrelevant when we talk about millimeters, it’s not 5inch vs 3inch that you can clearly notice who’s thinner.

        – camera is the same

        – android version can be upgraded easily esp. if you know how to build your own ROM but for the most part it’s software not hardware.
        And FYI, new android version will come out in the next few months so both will need to upgrade.

        – YES storage is the only advantage that it has but I doubt you’ll pay 3k more for this considering you can expand the storage with microSD.

        For me to add 3k more, i expect higher pixel density, 2Gb of RAM.

        1. 1. Not relevant? Wow, I think you should hold it before you talk about that. Thinness and better build quality are a major plus. Try to hold an O+ 8.12 and tell me how good it is as compared to other local android phones.

          2. No, it’s not the same. It has a BSI camera which will definitely make photos better.

          3. No, most android phone users don’t want to mess up with their system. I find it ridiculous when someone says you can do this and that but the real thing is ordinary users don’t know about that. So rooting and everything else shouldn’t be included in the factors unless they are well accustomed to it.

          4. Again, 8GB internal storage is a big plus. Also, O+ android phones can save apps and games directly on the free 8GB microSD card unlike other phones which cannot install games like Nova 3, NBA 2k13, GTA Vice City all at once because of lack of internal storage. And again, don’t bring up the rooting, swapping, and repartition part as most users don’t want to do that. I can do that but I know most of our readers don’t want that as it will void their warranty and they are scared that they might damage their phone.

          5. Higher pixel density and 2GB of RAM for that is wishful thinking.

          Local brands has spoiled most of us with cheap offerings and anything that goes beyond that makes it look expensive.

          1. weird no nangarap ng high pixel density tapos 2Gb RAM pa.
            pero ang dami pa lang china phone na halos katapat mga high brand phones i think meron pa atang article nung limot ko lang saan pero pinoy tech blog din.
            jiayu g4, zopo, etc…
            kalma lang just love your own, No harm done… nyehehe…

          2. The thing is, they are not locally available and you’ll have a hard time dealing with warranty and service centers. They are comparable in specifications but Samsung, Apple, Sony, and other brands has way better quality imho that’s why they can afford to charge higher prices.

            You forgot Xiaomi. They’re one of the most popular Chinese OEMs. :D

            Don’t get me wrong, I like MyPhone and other local brands. In fact, I’ll be publishing my review of the MyPhone A919i this week. I’m really liking it. :D

            I’m just saying that you can’t go wrong either way. They both have their advantages.

          3. Yun naman pala eh, pwede naman palang objectively tayo magusap purely specs-wise… may mga “wishful thinking” pa kasi hehe…

            meron pang iba na “nangarap” at “kulang sa budget” daw nyehehe nakakatuwa kapag natatamaan mo ang gusto nila.

            I mean no harm sa mga sinabi ko dahil purely hardware specs ang una nating tinitignan bago ang porma ika nga. Kaya nga mabenta ang mga china phones sating mga pinoy dahil pataasan sila ng specs at pamurahan ng presyo.

            Sa totoo lang wala pa kong nabiling china phone at ngayon lang ako ngka-interest for platform development para hindi masakit sa bulsa kung mabrick man kaka experiment… hehe

            Sa mga O+ fanboy dyan sori wala kong budget eh kaya sa mumurahin lang ako pero same specs naman… nyehehe

          4. Well talking about reality…

            let me introduce the Jiayu G4, it has same chipset plus:
            – 312PPI IPS screen
            – Corning II Gorilla Glass
            – 2Gb RAM
            – 32Gb ROM
            – 13mp back camera
            – 3mp front camera
            – 3k mAh battery

            cost less than $250, more or less 10k pesos lang and almost lahat ng specs higher compare dito actually kahit i compare sa a919i ng MyPhone obviously alam mo na…hehe

            So for 3k less you get more right?
            So yung pangarap ko daw na high PPI and 2Gb RAM eh in touch naman with reality agree ka? wishful thinking hindi?

            Im glad you even mention Xiaomi so i know that you know maraming magagandang china phone na wala dito satin so tiis na lang tayo sa kung anong meron diba kaya nga kino-compare natin sila eh. So don’t be alarm kung merong mas hihigit pa dito and im sure meron pang mas hihigit sa a919i ng MyPhone marami pa nga waiting kung anong ilalabas ni Cherry eh.

            Cheers everybody… nyehehe

          5. But the thing is, you can’t get that here on direct conversion. And how about warranty? If you’re confident enough, then go buy it. But people will NOT do it like you do. I hope you’ve heard of the term quality.

          6. na introduce ko lang si Jiayu kasi sa “wishful thinking” ko nga daw hehe.
            anyhow balik tayo sa basic ulit, kakatuwa naman.
            mukang napaginitan ang comment ko dahil sa almost same specs ang a919i but much cheaper. Now again im not forcing any1 to agree with me, we all have our own opinion and references and preferences so kung san niyo gusto edi dun kayo wala naman sapilitan ito eh diba.
            I get the argument and i respect the “Look and Feel” so kaya nga no harm done? hehe… kung natabig man ang mga pride sensiya na baka totoo di kaya? hehe… Chao ciao… hehe

          7. So you introduced the Jiayu for arguments sake that you can get better specs at a lower price compared to the 8.15. That’s nice, except your argument is invalid. There is NO WAY you can still get it at THAT PRICE once you import it here unless you have a relative buy it there and then ship it here for you. Maaaring may mga “fanboy” nga dito, pero may mga objective pa din dito kung mag isip and quite frankly your argument is MISLEADING by comparing it to a phone that ISN”T EVEN AVAILABLE HERE LOCALLY.

          8. hehe… ikaw na rin ngsabi na kapag ngimport ka you’ll add tax of 3k which is correct base on our last online purchase max tax for items is 30% so the 10k price + 3k tax would be the same price as the 815 but you get higher specs thats it period.
            kung nasusundan mo ang usapan bro ngumpisa yun sa “wishful thinking” daw na you can’t buy a high PPI 2Gb RAM for that amount. of course meron diba yun na nga si jiayu.
            ngumpisa i compare kay a919i na almost same specs but cheaper di siguro matanggap kaya tinira ng wishful thinking napatunayan naman na meron kay jiayu tapos misleading daw hehe. edi balikan natin si a919i.
            almost same specs but cheaper tapos, ano pa. hehe

          9. The SoC and RAM is the same on both devices but GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT”S DUE para fair.

            The 8.15 has 6Gb+ user available storage and the A919i only has 1.77Gb. Expandable na kung expandable but that is still significantly more storage out of the box and the 8.15 not only allows you to install larger apps on the phone storage, it also allows you to install directly to the SD card without rooting. The A919i does neither. Binili ko ang A919i para itest sa NOVA 3, NFSMW, The Dark Knight and other large games pero hindi kaya dahil sa simple storage limitation.

            The 8.15 runs Android 4.2 out of the box. Kung gusto mo ng 4.2 sa A919i Duo, iinstall ka pa ng custom ROM? Paano naman ang mga casual users na hindi marunong nyan or ayaw gawin yan dahil ayaw ivoid ang warranty? Nganga nalang sila until magrelease ang MP?

            Build quality and design do matter, and the 8.15 undeniably has a better build. There is such a thing as higher quality plastic in case hindi mo alam. Keep dropping two phones and the one with a less durable build will break sooner than one made with better materials. Hindi alien ang concept pre, and kung talagang objective ka, you would know the difference. Except you’re making judgements without ever having even held the 8.15.

            As for the Jiayu, that phone isn’t even available locally. And warranty DOES count. There’s a reason that sellers will charge MORE for a device that comes with a parts and labor warranty than a device that doesn’t have any sort of coverage at all. Kahit sabihin naten pdeng iimport ang Jiayu at 13k minimum, anong gagawin mo pag may dead pixels out of the box? pag may sira within a year? Hanggang nganga ka lang sigurado.

            Kasama sa price ng 8.15 ang warranty pre, hindi yan libre. pag may sira, pwedeng ipa-replace in 3-15 days depende sa dealer. Pdeng ipa-repair at no cost within a year kahit may parts na papalitan. May accessible service center even after your warranty coverage ends. These things DO COUNT, so don’t just ignore these things as if they were nothing.

          10. hehe kaw naman pre oh parang di mo naman nabasa of course i gave credit where it’s due ika mo nga diba nga sa umpisa pa lang sinabi ko na na mas malaki lang ang storage so advantage na yun ano pa ba gusto mong sabihin ko? hehe.

            About sa installing without rooting and a919i does neither? parang dko ata ma gets bro sensya na nose bleed nako hehe.

            About 4.2 out of the box, ano nga pala big difference compare to 4.1 bro if i may ask?

            815 undeniably has a better build? pano po natin ma prove yan kuya yun objective hindi lang sa “Look and Feel” kasi parehong plastic lang ata at gano ka gandang plastic ba ang gamit ng O+ kesa kay MP? ano ba yan napatanong tuloy ako hindi naman metal vs plastic ito na tulad ng GS4 vs HTC one.
            So when you held the 815 alam mo na agad na maganda build quality nya kuya? And I make judgements without ever having even held the 815? Galing naman ng kamay natin kuya pwedeng pahiram para makakilatis din ako ng magandang build ng hinahawakan lang hehe.

            Jiayu ulit tayo talaga? kay “wishful thinking” ulit ganun? hehe. Again maraming tameme din kahit kay Cherry, MP, O+, starmobile, etc… ka bumili sabi ko nga ang iba 1week pa lang dead na yung iba di na ngchacharge pero sabi nga case to case basis yan, paulit2 talaga tayo no hehe.

            na ignore ko ba talaga ang service? ikaw na din ng sabi DEPENDE sa dealer pwedeng ipa-replace in 3-15days? hehe.

            tutal meron kang unit ng a919i at 815 ata diba? bat dika gawa video kuya pakita mo mga advantages at disadvantages ng dalawa lalu na yung build quality, idaan natin sa drop test at saka kung pwede ipa confirm natin kung ano ba talagang plastic gawa ang dalawa. hehe

          11. Ang bobo naman netoo… Malamang kung dito ka bibili ng fone kahit masira within 2 weeks pwede palitan at malapit lang. Puwede rin ipagawa dahil may one year warranty. Kung gusto mo ng disposable na phone dun ka. Pano kung ilang beses na may sira? Eh di ubos din pera mo? Hindi ka pa nakakaexperience na masiraan siguro kaya ok lang sayo. Pag nachambahan ka, ewan ko na lang.

            Kakabili ko lang ng A919i at ok naman siya maganda na sa presyo niya na Php9,600. Kaya eto pinili ko dahil less terror stories kumpara sa Cherry at ang service centers nila ay yung sa SONY kaya reliable talaga.

            Nako nanghingi pa ng drop test si loko bakit may pambili ka ba? Wala naman dami mo pa sinasabi. Gumagastos sila para sa unit sisirain lang para sayo? Ayun, ang bobo mo nga.. Siguro mumurahin lang na android fone ang sayo o wala kang android….. hehehe

          12. Hey guys, please stop using foul words or else I will close the comment section for this post. No need to use foul words. Let’s respect each others opinion.

          13. Ang TALINO MO naman ATE, lyceum talaga galing?

            Sabi nga daw ni kuya nasali lang si Jiayu sa wishful thinking daw naman affected ka rin? Pwede mo bang sabihin yan sa mga bumili ng mga phones kila cherry, starmobile, O+, MP, etc… na sa sobrang dali masira napapa walang kwenta dahil nga china phones? Sabi nga ni kuya case to case basis, talagang paulit ulit?

            Ang galing naman ni ate, bawing bawi sa ka OA? di naman kaya iisang tao lang? Good for U ATE proud of you very bright na super BAWI epek pa.

            Ate sa sobrang bilis ciguro ng isip mo at very bright ka hindi ka na ngbabasa no? sabi nga ni kuya wala pa daw siyang china phone at ngkainterest lang siya for work kuno.

            Sa sobrang yaman mo naman ate naka a919i ka? bat di ka na lang ng GS4 or HTC one? dont tell me wala ka din pambili gaya ni kuya?

            Pareho pala kayong dukha dami niyo pang satsat.

          14. *About sa installing without rooting and a919i does neither? parang dko ata ma gets bro sensya na nose bleed nako hehe.

            The A919i only has 1.77Gb of user accessible storage, and 200-300mb of that is already used by apps. Anong gagawin mo kung gusto mo mag install ng NOVA3, NFSMW, or the Dark Knight na mas malaki pa sa free space ng phone kahit out of the box? In case you didn’t know, the A919i DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO INSTALL DATA DIRECTLY TO THE SD CARD.

            *About 4.2 out of the box, ano nga pala big difference compare to 4.1 bro if i may ask?

            Google it.

            *815 undeniably has a better build? pano po natin ma prove yan kuya yun
            objective hindi lang sa “Look and Feel” kasi parehong plastic lang ata
            at gano ka gandang plastic ba ang gamit ng O+ kesa kay MP? ano ba yan
            napatanong tuloy ako hindi naman metal vs plastic ito na tulad ng GS4 vs
            HTC one.

            NoypiGeeks will be coming out with a review of both phones soon. Basahin mo nalang kuya.

            *Jiayu ulit tayo talaga? kay “wishful thinking” ulit ganun? hehe. Again
            maraming tameme din kahit kay Cherry, MP, O+, starmobile, etc… ka
            bumili sabi ko nga ang iba 1week pa lang dead na yung iba di na
            ngchacharge pero sabi nga case to case basis yan, paulit2 talaga tayo no

            They’re all OEM devices. The point is, saan pupulutin si Jiayu mo pag nasira yan. At least kung bibili ka sa local brand, may tatakbuhan ka. Horror stories aside, at least may ganung coverage pa din.

            *na ignore ko ba talaga ang service? ikaw na din ng sabi DEPENDE sa dealer pwedeng ipa-replace in 3-15days? hehe.

            Every dealer has a replacement policy on top of the parts and service warranty. This adds value to the purchase. Hindi bago ang concept bro. Eh ano naman kung 3-15 days? At least meron.

            *tutal meron kang unit ng a919i at 815 ata diba? bat dika gawa video kuya
            pakita mo mga advantages at disadvantages ng dalawa lalu na yung build
            quality, idaan natin sa drop test at saka kung pwede ipa confirm natin
            kung ano ba talagang plastic gawa ang dalawa. hehe

            Kaya naman idemonstrate ang build quality without a drop test diba? Kahit GSMArena walang drop test and yet kaya pa din idiscuss ang build quality and icompare sa ibang units. We certainly won’t waste good money on this kind of request.

          15. sa lahat lahat ng sinabi mo ang bagsak pa rin eh case to case basis kung sa warranty ang topic at sa build quality (lahat naman would claim that? hehe)

            Kaya ng din may iba just to prove the build quality dinadaan talaga sa drop test hindi lang din sa haplos ng mga magical hands dahil ilan lang ata kayo meron niya, proud of you kuya isa ka sa kanila hehe.

            sa lahat naman ng tanong ko pinasa mo kay GOOGLE agad tungkol sa difference ng 4.2/4.1 hindi ba kaya ng powers mo kuya? or napatanong ka din sa sarili mo kasi 3k yun eh kung di lang din significant ang update sa single .1 pano na si juan at ang hard earn peso niya daw? (pusta may mgcocomment “edi dun ka sa mumurahin palibhasa dukha wala kang budget wala kang pangdagdag para makabili ng 815”?) hehe

            para lang masabing “wala ka dito mas maganda akin kasi 4.2 eh sayo 4.1 lang” TOINK…patay… hehe…

          16. Nakaka pang init ng dugo ang mga bobong nag cocomment. Sa Jiayu ka kung gusto mo gagu. Siguro hindi ka pa nakakahawak ng high end kaya di mo alam.. kawawa ka naman.. ipon ipon din pag may time.. naaawa ako sayo..

          17. mayaman ka kasi?
            yun lang ang argument natin para bumili nito?
            mas bobo ka pala eh hanggang look and feel ka lang din pala hipo hipo lang ok na? hehe

          18. kung maka-bobo ka naman ATE parang napaka talimo mo na ah Lyceum ka ba galing? Kaya ciguro mayaman ka, pwehh!!!

          19. Siguro intsik tong si Sungma or seller ng chinese smartphones dito satin makapag plug lang. Wag ka mapagpanggap pare.. wag ka na magsalita kung wala kang pambili.. dyan ka sa mga yan ship mo kung gusto mo wala kaming pake sayo.. Ano kami magsasayang ng pera tapos pagnasira tapon na lang? Wow ha marerealize mo din yan.. Or kung nagbebenta ka dun ka sa sulit…

          20. NYEHEHE… insik kwakang…? HEHEHEH…ito talaga si love my own oh… natabig ko ba pride mo bro? sensya kana truth hurts daw talaga eh hehe…
            ganun talaga daw kapag di mo kaya objectively daanin na lang sa subjectively… gets ko point mo fanboy ka kasi.
            Na mention ko lang si Jiayu dahil sa “wishful thinking” daw tapos naging chinese phone seller nako nagpanggap pa para lang mkapag plug? HAHAHA.
            nakakatuwa pala dito mag comment may matatabig ka nyehehe… again kalma lang kayo bro bilin niyo kung ano gusto niyo mayayaman naman kayo eh sensiya na poor lang po sa mumurahin na lang ako same specs same quality? TOINK… :-)

          21. Only the Chinese can get those prices. If you tried importing it, there would be customs and shipping fees. Even if you relied on a local brand to import and then rebrand them, they would still have to shoulder such fees and then pass it on to the consumer. In reality, your $250/Php10k Jiayu G4 would become Php12-13k over here. Oh, and if you made the mistake of buying it yourself and having it shipped here, you would have to send it back to China for your warranty. So you think it’s still worth it?

          22. haha ano to tropang trumpo…
            sabi ko na mapupunta ang usapan sa customs/taxes eh hintay ko lang meron bumanggit, napasok ko lang ang Jiayu dahil sa “wishful thinking” daw sa 2Gb RAM, so you see almost same price sa O+ pero puta naman sa specs hehe. About sa warranty ganun din naman diba marami ngrereklamo sa mga local brands kesyo si Cherry or si MyPhone or si ganito pangit ang after-sales service halos lahat ng mga yan same ODM pinanggalingan so again sa hardware specs tayo babalik hehe.

          23. You obviously haven’t tried Starmobile and Oplus service centers. Their after sales service is on par with other more established brands. There is simply no way you can get your Jiayu G4 at that $250/Php10k price. If you buy it yourself, you pay for customs fees, which is expensive pag electronics. Nag order ako dati ng Php3k worth na electronics item, pagdaan sa customs, may pinatong pa na Php2k. I am NOT kidding. Adam can also attest to this. Wala ka pang benefit ng matinong warranty coverage.

            Tapos sabihin naten na irebrand yang Jiayu GS4 ng local brands, may customs/import duties, profit margins and cost of warranty coverage, all of which ay pinapasa sa consumer. Sa tingin mo ba, makukuha mo pa din sa $250/Php10k ang Jiayu na yan?

            Sabihin naten may relative ka sa China na pwede bumili nun on your behalf and ipaship sayo para wala nang customs fees. That’s great, but not everybody has a relative in China to do that for them.

          24. actually di naman kaila sa lahat maraming pangit na experience ang iba kesyo pangit service ni Myphone or ky cherry or O+ or starmobile or kung sino2 pa, case to case basis lang din naman yan eh may iba 1week lang di na daw ngchacharge ang iba naman di na nag o-open daw at kung ano2 pa well what could you expect from chinese brands right? of course not all kasi dyan naman galing din sila huawei at htc.
            again and again walang pumipilit sa kahit sino na bumili kay jiayu na brought up lang dahil sa wishful thinking kala kasi walang ganun na same 13k price ng O+ with higher specs again take risk ka nga lang. wag mo na lang pagpilitan bro mapupunta lang tayo sa ODM kung pguusapan natin ang rebranding.

        2. Nako koya malabo ata mata mo. Isa pa gusto mo ng 2GB RAM at higher pixel density eh di mag Galaxy S4 ka! Kung may pambili ka nga lang. Ang daming reklamo kulang naman budget! Kung kulang budget mo dun ka sa mura! Pwe! Dami mong arte! Palibhasa naka lumang myphone ka o cherry mobile. lols

          1. hehe kalma lang kayo ngtulungan pa kayo mga love my own…
            cool lang d naman ako fanboy tulad ninyo ang akin lang specs and price ratio yun naman lagi tinitignan natin mga pinoy diba.
            kung san kayo masaya suporta-an tamo… nyehehe

        3. So kailangan po kailangan marunong kami mag gawa ng custom ROM bago bumili ng smartphone? Kawawa naman kami na hindi marunong? gising pre di lahat gusto gawin mga ginagawa mo. nangarap ka pa ng 2gb ram ah.. pwede naman yan after 3-5 months nga lang hihihi

          1. nyehehe…
            jiayu G4, zopo, etc…
            look for other china phones bro…
            sapul ba hehe

      1. Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 (as opposed to A7, according to O+) PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU MediaTek MT6589 chipset