MWC might be cancelled, but that didn’t stop Vivo from revealing its latest APEX 2020 concept smartphone.

The first Vivo APEX device didn’t hit store shelves, although that concept phone did give us an idea of what future Vivo smartphones would look like. That’s also what we’re having on the Vivo APEX 2020.

It may not be a market-ready device, but the APEX 2020 boasts a lot of futuristic features that we may see on Vivo smartphones coming out this year.

One of the biggest ones is the in-display selfie camera — which we already saw from an OPPO concept phone last year. It lets the device achieve that bezel-less 6.45-inch FullView design, which extends as it melts on the sides at a 120-degree angle.

Under-display front camera

The front-facing camera uses pixel-binning technology, so it will output bright 4-megapixel selfies.

We also have cameras on the back, with new and interesting features. For starters, the 48-megapixel primary shooter has a gimbal-like stabilization module. This should perform way better than the traditional optical image stabilization (OIS) mechanisms. Of course, it will also output 12-megapixel images thanks to pixel-binning.


Future Vivo smartphones might also come with periscope-style telephoto cameras — as made evident by the Vivo APEX 2020. This technology isn’t entirely new since we already saw it on the Huawei P30 Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

But unlike previous periscope-lens technologies, this one uses two groups of moving lenses to achieve authentic 5x to 7.5x optical zooms.


The industry believes that future phones will be all screens, no buttons or ports. Which is why the APEX 2020 will only come with pressure-sensitive power/lock and volume buttons on the screen.

It will also feature an industry-leading 60W Super FlashCharge wireless-charging capability. That’s blazingly fast, even for a wired charger.


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Vivo didn’t reveal the processor they used on the Vivo APEX 2020. But since it’s a concept phone, that wouldn’t matter much since we won’t be seeing it on store shelves anytime soon.

But with high-end features like this, we might see all these unique technologies on a flagship Vivo smartphone in the future. Possibly a phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.

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