LG G2 Drop Test

I see these drop tests as necessary evil. On one hand, it’s heartbreaking to see such an awesome phone bite the dust. But then again, the scenario of these kinds of tests fall under the “things likely to happen” category. So it’s good to know how well or badly the phone will fare.

Unfortunately, in the case of the LG G2, it didn’t end well. The phone was dropped on the concrete floor at standing position in three ways: back-first, bottom-first, and front-first. In the first test, the phone fared well, only suffering scratches and scuffs but it still functions normally.

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Unfortunately, everything went downhill from there. At the bottom-first test, the phone was rendered unusable, though the screen still functions (which is irrelevant at that point since it’s unresponsive). The last test was the final straw with the screen even refusing to open. Not that surprising, though, but it shows you how fragile things have become.

[Source: Android Authority]

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