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Pokémon Go postpones dropping support for 32-bit Android devices


Acknowledging outcry and concerns brought by players, Pokémon Go has postponed its discontinuation of support for 32-bit Android devices to a future date.

As first announced last June 9 and to streamline its development process, Pokémon Go was initially set to drop support for 32-bit Android smartphones and tablets at the start of August 2020. In other words, any Android device that’s powered by a 32-bit CPU would no longer be able to launch and play the game by that month.

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So far, Pokémon Go has not yet announced an exact future date when it will see through with the deprecation. Even so, this might be the right time to start looking for a phone upgrade especially if you have old devices that will be affected, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3, Sony Xperia Z3, and many other pre-2015 devices. You’ll want a new phone with a 64-bit processor. 

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