Nokia Refocus

Or, to be more precise, shoot first and refocus later. A couple of days ago, Nokia have released the app that will most probably change everything. As the name and my earlier introduction implies, the Nokia Refocus app allows you to change the focused subject in your photo after you’ve taken the picture.

Such a technology isn’t new and is in fact pioneered by the Lytro Light Field Camera, which made a lot of raves since its introduction. didn’t expect smartphones to be at the forefront, though, thinking DSLRs and such would adopt the technology first. I’ve tried the app yesterday, and it definitely works as advertised. It will definitely be Nokia’s second killer app (next to Nokia Here) if not for the unfortunate fact that it’s only compatible with Lumias with PureView technology, which at this time are Lumia 1020, 925, 920, and the upcoming 1520. If you have any of these phones (and upgraded to Amber), do yourself a favor and install this beautiful app.

[Source: Nokia]

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