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Razer Pikachu TWS earphones revealed for fans of Pokémon and anything cute


Are you a Pokemon fan or just into anything cute and Japanese? Well, these Razer Pikachu TWS earphones are here for you.

The new Razer Pikachu TWS earphones are basically the Razer Hammerhead earphones that came out back in December. But, with a much cuter look.

Each buds are painted in yellow, the color of everyone’s favorite Pokemon. The triple-headed Razer logo on the touch-sensitive controls of each bud was replaced with the backside of Pikachu.

If you’re not into too much music listening, you can just appreciate the case that it comes with it. The charging case is a detailed reproduction of an actual Poke Ball. Complete with the lights on the button to indicate the battery level.

The case also comes with a wrist strap, so you can pretend like you’re throwing it, without actually throwing it.

You can check the full specs of the Razer Hammerhead here. But for a quick rundown, The Razer Pikachu TWS earphones sports the same 13mm drivers for crisp treble and deep bass. The touch panels on the back lets you control music, accept/recent calls, and more.

The Razer Pikachu TWS earphones comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a battery that can last for up to 16hrs. Since it’s from a gaming company, it has 60ms input latency. The buds are also IPX4 water resistant.



Unfortunately, the Razer Pikachu TWS earphones is only available in China for a price of CNY999 (~Php7,200). If you don’t care much about the design, you can get the regular Razer Hammerhead in the Philippines, available for only Php4,995.


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