With or without Google Mobile Services, Huawei continues to put out some of the most interesting hardware in the Android space.

Before the P40 series of camera phones came out, the company launched the new Huawei Mate Xs. It features the same wraparound 8-inch screen, with an improved Falcon Wing hinge and a new Kirin 990 5G processor.


However, people are still sketchy about foldable phones. Primarily because it’s a new form-factor that cites durability concerns. An issue that was made worse during the Galaxy Fold fiasco.

But with the Mate Xs, Huawei is showing that foldable phones have a future. Thanks to the teardown video from the folks at iFixit, we get to see what’s inside this futuristic phone and if it’s Php139,999 price tag worth gambling your hard-earned money on.

A tall metal piece protects the cameras.

It appears that most parts of this device are held by glue. The back panel was attached to the chassis with adhesive, which iFixit said is stronger than the adhesive on the Galaxy Fold. It also secures the strip on the back, which holds the quad-camera setup.

To feature a 4,500mAh battery and 55W fast charging on this sleek device, Huawei had split the battery into two on each panel of the phone. Each battery was attached using an extra tough adhesive, which improves durability, but takes a hit on its repairability score.

Glue residues on the back of the battery.

Sitting next to the battery on the left is the motherboard. Taking it out reveals a gooey mount of thermal paste which prevents the device from overheating.

The back of the motherboard, full of thermal paste.

We head on to the most interesting part — the flexible display. Unlike the Galaxy fold, the screen on the Huawei Mate Xs is also attached to the hinge.

The corners of the screen was attached with glue.

On the inside, there are two wings attached to the chassis to hold the screen and protect it from dust or any particles that might penetrate from the hinge. A unique trick that greatly improved durability.

iFixit gave it a repairability score of 2/10. The complicated display and tons of strong adhesive makes it hard to repair. Although, those are also the reason why it shall “hold better in real-world scenarios than the Galaxy Fold”. You can watch the full teardown video above.

You can check our our Huawei Mate Xs hands-on review to learn more about it.

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