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Spotify offers premium users hosting privilege—allowing group session with other five users


Premium Spotify users can now share their playlist with up to five other, even if they are remote, thanks to a new beat feature that the app is rolling out called “Group Sessions.”

Via Group Session, premium users can generate and share links to a select people in their circles who are also premium users in order to simultaneously stream similar contents.

While the host has the power who to invite within the Group Session, everyone who joins has the power to listen to the provided content at their own pace. Meaning, they can pause, play, or skip any of the contents at their leisure and can even pitch in new contents as well if they wished.

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To host a Group Session, a premium user must only tap on the “Connect” menu at the bottom-left section of the play screen and scroll through a list and finally choosing “Start a group session.”

By doing so, the host automatically generates a link that can be shared to other Spotify premium users of their choice to join a Group Session.

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