The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has warned vehicle owners to stop using commemorative license plates or risk being fined.

LTO and its chief head Jose Arturo “Jayart Tugade issued the warning last weekend after a Facebook page called Philippine National Police Academy – Justice, Integrity, Service posted a public advisory after a vehicle was spotted using a PNPA commemorative license plate instead of the actual, LTO-issued plate.


Commemorative license plates are used to observe and/or commemorate events of national significance, with a validity of only one year as approved by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

However, the LTO said they do not recommend any form of commemorative plates, whether for private or public vehicles. Thus, Tugade said, unauthorized commemorative plates shouldn’t be displayed on any vehicles.

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“If vehicle owners are caught by law enforcers still using commemorative plates whose effectivity dates have already expired, they will be apprehended and fined,” Tugade said.

The DOTr Joint Administrative Circular 2014-01 states that vehicle owners with unauthorized plates will face a fine of Php5,000 and have the plate confiscated.

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