E-wallet service provider GCash has warned users of a new phishing scam that’s taking advantage of mass SIM registration.

The SIM Registration started last December 27. During its first day, tons of people have been registering their SIM cards to get ahead of the 180-day deadline. However, this mass action may have encouraged a new GCash phishing scam.


In fact, the scam started even before the registration day.

As per GCash, they received reports that some SIM users are getting messages and emails that their GCash accounts have been restricted if they don’t pre-register their SIMs.

The said message will contain a link, which will open a fake GCash page where unsuspecting users will key in their login info and have their accounts stolen.

“We would like to reiterate our warnings to our users that GCash will never send links via SMS, email, and messaging apps,” said GCash chief customer officer Winsley Bangit.

The e-wallet service also reassured its users that their GCash accounts and funds will remain safe as they register their SIM cards. However, they do encourage their users to register their SIMs promptly to “ensure undisrupted GCash accounts.”

Existing SIM owners will have 180 days since the implementation of the law, or until April 23, 2023, to register their SIMs or their numbers will be deactivated. If you haven’t already, here’s a complete guide on how you can register your SIM cards.

If you feel a victim of the phishing scam, you should immediately contact GCash customer service for assistance. The DICT has also put up a 24/7 complaint center for SIM registration issues.

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