Daihatsu, an affiliate company of Toyota that makes some of its cars, recently admitted that they’ve rigged some of its vehicles to get higher crash test scores.

The said practice was revealed by a whistleblower, which then followed an internal investigation that confirmed it. Daihatsu said that they have “committed procedural irregularity in approval application for side collision tests for vehicles.”

Affected models include the all-new Yaris Ativ, a.k.a the Toyota Vios 2023 in other markets. As well as the all-new Toyota Wigo, the Perodua Axia, and an unnamed model that’s currently in development.


Daihatsu said that “the inside lining of the front seat door was improperly modified, and that there was a violation of the side collision test procedures and methods stipulated by regulations.”

The said rigged vehicles went through crash testing a few months ago. The Wigo managed to get four stars. ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP), the firm that conducted the tests, is yet to release a statement.

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Since the news broke out, Toyota has suspended the shipments for the selected models. The affected vehicles will also undergo retesting once the right parts have been installed. Once everything is all right with the inspection and certification agencies, Toyota will resume the shipments.

The sale of the all-new Vios in Thailand was also halted. This also means that the release of the all-new Toyota Vios and Wigo 2023 in the Philippines will be delayed.

Source: Nikkei Asia

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