The Republic Act No. 11698, also known as the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act, has officially lapsed into law.

The new law aims to preserve Philippine heritage and increase opportunities in the local automotive industry while establishing regulations on the registration and use of vintage vehicles, which are defined to be at least forty (40) years old from their manufacturing date.

Individuals may import and own these vintage vehicles as well as components necessary for their maintenance and repair, but they shall be subjected to import duties and other taxes by the Bureau of Customs. Vehicle registration will be processed through the Land Transportation Office, with a validity period of three (3) years.

Vintage vehicle law in the Philippines


Under RA 11698, vintage vehicles may not need to comply with modern standards on pollution, safety, and road usage, only if these standards had not yet been enforced when these vehicles were manufactured. However, vintage vehicles made after December 31, 1967, must have seatbelts.

RA 11698 also permits the use of vintage vehicles for right-hand driving, so long as these vehicles were either manufactured on or before December 31, 1970, or intended for racing and related activities.

The entirety of RA 11698 is available in the Official Gazette.

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