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Ever wonder what being a tech blogger is like? Despite the relatively high costs of buying new gadgetry and the late nights to cover the latest stories, it’s actually an easy life if you have the passion for it.

It starts with my gaming laptop. It actually used to be a desktop computer, but I decided the overall benefits of a portable, replacement machine have outweighed my needs for an easy-to-upgrade, powerful yet stationary workstation. If I’ve yet to be assigned to a new article, my mornings—and the rest of the day—are usually spent on video games (Dota 2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Rust, etc.) and the occasional computer programming.

Laptop with multiple displays

But yeah, I do have to pay for my bills. So I do work, and luckily in a field I’ve passion for. It’s also useful that I’ve secondary monitors. Trust me: they do increase productivity, as long as you don’t leave a Facebook browser tab open or VLC playing your favorite movie lest you get distracted.

Being stuck in one place can be so boring (no, I don’t live in my parents’ garage), hence my occasional trips to the outside world. While my gaming laptop is portable, it’s still damn bulky and heavy. So here enters my Ultrabook. With an iced café latte at hand, I spend a couple of hours writing at my favorite coffee shop. Or if I’m just after light reading and the casual games as I go around, a tablet would suffice.

Note 2

Another item I always have with me is my smartphone. In fact, it’s becoming an indispensable gadget to many geeks out there, that the loss of one may seem like life losing its meaning. In any case, my postpaid contract for my Galaxy Note 2 is about to expire, and I’m on the hunt for a new handset. One offering that has recently piqued my interest is Globe’s Galaxy Forever Plan. Basically, subscribers are entitled to a new Samsung phone every year, along with a combo of call, text, and surfing freebies that depend on the monthly payout. Having the latest, high-end Galaxy phone every year is a big thing for me: faster, better camera, better display, and all that.


The last equipment in my arsenal are my headphones. Nature has its ambiance and all, but I’d rather listen to the sounds of house music. Yes, I wear big ass headphones in public that I’m often taken as weird, and at times I do feel stupid as people stare at me. Then again, I want to maximize my listening to music with great bass and clarity. And for the record, I also have earphones, but I only use those when I’m jogging.

And that’s pretty much it. I could go on naming a few more gadgets that I own, but this is basically how my life goes as a techie and a blogger. I love gadgets and have the passion to write about them. I’m not one to represent the lives of all writers here at NoypiGeeks, though I bet their experiences are similar to mine. If I can afford it, I always try to get the latest devices there are to keep up with the times. Deals and postpaid subscriptions like the Galaxy Forever Plan help me do exactly that and change my life for the better, forever.

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  1. those big ass headphones puts a huge bullseye on you. be cautious on where and when you wearing them.

    1. yeah especially those who are snatchers there. cuz they know you got an expensive smartphone with those headphones

    2. I never bring or wear them at places that I’m not familiar with. I try to be inconspicuous if I ever do need to visit unsafe locations.

  2. Hey kuya conan can you teach me how to be a blogger? Ever since i first urge to buy a phone i stumbled across this site and some other too. I can’t stop checking updates about tech and know about them. I really want to be a techblogger when grow up tnx

    Ps. I’m a 2nd year high school student :)

      1. bakit may mali ba sa aking post? hehehe tanong lang baka ma improve ko pa kasi di naman ako perpekto

    1. Like what that other Conan said, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your writing skill. You don’t have to master it; you just have to find a writing style that clicks with your intended audience. Most importantly, it’s all about the passion for tech and writing. Good luck in your endeavors! :)