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MediaTek MT6595: The Octa-core Chip You Should Be Waiting For

Octa-core phones are all the rage right now in markets like the Philippines, but a lot of you might have noticed that just about all of them lack one feature that would have made them perfect: LTE. Why? Because all octa-core phones in the market right now use the MediaTek MT6592 system-on-a-chip, which doesn’t come with LTE onboard. Bummer, right?

So why they don’t they release an MT6592 with LTE? Well, they are. Sort of. It’s going to be called the MediaTek MT6595, which is really the octa-core SoC you guys should be waiting for. And it’s not just because of the LTE connectivity that it’s guaranteed to come with.

You see, the MediaTek MT6595 isn’t just an MT6592 with LTE. The MT6592 was an arrangement of eight Cortex A7 low power cores that are supposed to combine performance well in multi-core situations while conserving power. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of raw performance per core and not a lot of situations where a phone would be able to take advantage of multiple cores, which is why the MT6595 might make better sense.

You see, the MT6595 uses  big.LITTLE octa-core architecture, which combines four low power Cortex A7 cores with an additional four high performance Cortex A17 cores. It will also come with the PowerVR G6200, which will enable it to record and play 4K video and support 2K displays like on the LG G3! According to rumors, the MT6595 will be able to deliver performance that’s in the range of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801!

So when will we get to see the MT6595 in action? Well, MediaTek is set to unveil the MT6595 at Shenzen, China on the 15th of July. Once it’s unveiled, it should take anywhere from a month or two for phone makers to start using on their phones. It will be another month or two after that until we start seeing local phone brands importing them and slapping their logos on the housing. By those estimates, we should see our local phone brands touting their octa-core phones with LTE sometime between September to November.



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