Grab Philippines said that it is looking to address the platform’s long and ongoing problem through a new earning structure for delivery riders.

Per Grab, the idea for the new set of guidelines arose due to the “evolving macroeconomic landscape.” It is also, in part, aimed at providing partners an “improved overall well-being and job satisfaction.”

Under the new mode, riders would be compensated based on the efforts put into the handling of purchased goods, such as the time it takes for a rider to wait at merchant outlets. Additionally, the fares for long-distance pickups will be adjusted accordingly as well.

In addition, deliveries would be guaranteed a minimum fare for every order. This will contrast the previous model where riders are paid a fixed base pay, regardless of the effort required by the order.

“The new system addresses this imbalance, ensuring fairer compensation,” per the statement.

Aside from the confirmation that rewards, incentives, and the benefits program would continue, Grabs guarantees that riders would “continue to earn substantially above the minimum wage”.

That is, the programs were aimed at complementing direct earnings, culminating in a complete financial support system for riders.

Per Grab Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer Ronald Roda, through the provision of “more equitable earnings, stability, and growth potential,” the action “goes beyond transactional interactions, touching lives and empowering thousands of delivery partners across the Philippines”.

By catering to the needs of every Filipino, Roda said that their focus remains steadfast on fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem where Grab and its partners can grow together.

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