It’s the year 2022. People are expected to return to the office, and yet a lot of us prefer the comfort of our homes as we work our fingers to the bone. If you want a job with a remote work setup, here are your top choices.

  • Encoder
  • Engineer
  • Office staff
  • Virtual assistant
  • Architect
  • Information technology roles
  • Non-voice BPO roles

These are the top jobs available for work-from-home (WFH) jobseekers, according to JobStreet Philippines. Teaching and administrative positions may also be available depending on location. If you’re interested with any of these, then you’re in luck. The online job portal has partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry to host a virtual career fair next week.

From June 13 to 17, companies such as ePLDT, BDO Unibank, SM Retail and Accenture will be offering a mix of remote, provincial and entry-level positions with over 75,000 vacancies nationwide. This will be a great chance for jobseekers to look for a workplace that matches their interest and qualifications.

The five-day online event is designed to be mobile-friendly too, which means jobseekers need only a smartphone to browse and apply for jobs, look up upcoming interviews and webinars, and chat with recruiters. Preregistration to the virtual career fair is now open.


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According to JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca, the career fair is collaboration with the DTI is to help jobseekers gain freedom in jumpstarting new careers that blend well with their lifestyle and personal goals.

Gioca also described the Philippines to be in the middle of “The Great Reshuffle,” with workers quitting en masse as they had opted to reassess their careers and look for employment opportunities with better flexibility.

Based on JobStreet’s 2021 Decoding Global Talent report, 58 percent or 8,803 out of 15,178 surveyed Filipino respondents said they used to work completely on-site before the pandemic. By the end of 2020 or at the time of the survey, on-site workers were down to 32 percent.

The survey also found that if given the choice, 49 percent of these workers would opt for a completely remote arrangement, while 48 percent would settle for a hybrid setup. Only 4 percent would choose to work completely on-site. In a different study conducted by Cisco, 92.2 percent of the 28,000 Filipino employee-respondents claimed they were happier in a hybrid work environment.

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