Apple has finally taken a step to a start a new era as it officially announced the macOS 11.0 that will supplant the macOS X moving forward. The new Apple operating system, codenamed “Big Sur,” will run on new hardware—ARM-based Apple Silicon as opposed to Intel chipset—and will be capable of running applications from the iOS, further blurring the line between mobile and desktop/laptop.

Apple shifting away from the mac OS X branding has been a surprising one, considering the length of the time it had stuck to the label since its adoption in 2000.

For no less than 20 years, the OS X has defined Apple in the desktop and laptop space, giving us the “big cats” like Jaguar, Lion, Leopard, etc., as well as the vistas namely Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, etc.


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But while the change—especially if good—is a welcome one, there are uncertainties of what this change will bring henceforth. Will Apple be adopting the macOS 11 branding for the next years to come, but with slightly alterations to different one from the previous? If so, for how long with that be the case?

Either way, the initiative that Apple is taking is an interesting one. Let us just hope to see something more interesting come along the way, with the shift to macOS 11.0 as a preliminary point.

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