Manny Pacquiao, a world-renowned Filipino boxer, politician, and personality, just announced his very own NFT.

Pacman has teamed up with Loditech and Ikon for the release of the first exclusive Manny Pacquiao NFT. On its website, Loditech said that it will feature “intricately designed NFT art” that’s been backed by a utility that features tons of rewards and insider access to NFT and Pacman aficionados.



The first utility will feature exclusive Manny Pacquaio NFT merchandise. The first 1,000 holders will own signed NFTs.

There’s the 2nd utility called Manny y Mano that entitles you to a 5-minute video call with the man himself every month for 12 months. Plus, train and play chess with Pacquiao online.


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The third one is called charity, which gives a portion of the NFT sales to athletic programs in under-served areas. Lastly, there’s the fourth one that gives VIP access and first dibs to future projects of the boxer-turned-politician.

According to the website, minting will start on July 18, with the first merch drop happening on December 2022. The Manny y Mano, athletic program activation, and future MPNFT projects will drop in 2023. Check it out here:

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