On August 18th, Netflix will release Tekken: Bloodline, an anime adaptation of the popular video game franchise from Bandai Namco. The show will follow the story of Jin Kazama, as he competes in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, after being trained by Heihachi Mishima.

The release of the first Tekken game in the early 1990s gave way to a new era of gaming. With its unique and entertaining fighting gameplay, Tekken quickly became a favorite among gamers worldwide.

Tekken: Bloodline’s story takes a lot of its cues from Tekken 3 in 1997, and fans of the series will be pleased to see familiar faces like Hwoarang, Julia Chang, and Nina Williams. That’s in addition to the previously revealed characters which include King, Kazuya, and Paul among others.

Here’s the official Tekken anime cast:

Isshin ChibaJin Kazama
Taiten KusunokiHeihachi Mishima
Mamiko NotoJun Kazama
Toshiyuki MorikawaHwoarang
Hochu OtsukaPaul Phoenix
Yumi TomaNina Williams
Hidenari UgakiGanryu
Maaya SakamotoLing Xiaoyu
Seiko YoshidaJulia Chang
Masanori ShinoharaKazuya Mishima

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