Ever since word about a live-action adaptation of the popular classic anime, Voltes V, came into public, the internet has been abuzz with Voltes V: Legacy. Mostly, to a mixed reception.

But regardless of where you stand in the project, the exciting news is popping up about the developing GMA-backed TV series, such as this recently made announcement by “VVL PRODUCTION INDSIDER [sic]” on Facebook.

One of those interesting news comes in the idea that the show will be an extensive one at 80 episodes total. This, unfortunately, comes with a trade-off of taking years to complete. And on that note, it appears that the super robot series will not be making a premier this year, and there is no confirmation, as of yet, when it will be.

On the flip-side, mecha fans might be pleased in knowing that the live-action show will be heavily made in computer-generated imagery (CGI), which, if done well, should appeal enough to the modern audience as well as longstanding fans. Additionally, it will feature large fight scenes involving gigantic robots, as well as gargantuan equipment.

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