Dota 2 may be free to play, but its paid, premium services can make the gameplay experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. That said, and if you can afford it, you should buy the Dota 2 International 2020 Battle Pass.

Dota 2 players who have this season’s battle pass can create their own guild, while those without can only join. Guilds not only allow like-minded individuals to have their own virtual place but also introduce quests and activities that reward guild points, which can be exchanged for additional rewards and perks for both the players and the guild. These include emoticons, banners and extra challenges. 

Coming within a few months is a special event in which four players make their way through a labyrinth and uncover rewards. While open to all players, battle pass owners will receive additional, exclusive rewards. Available now, an updated Cavern Crawl mode adds a second map and lets players explore and defeat enemies using random heroes, while discovering rewards along the way.  A new game mode called Battle Gauntlet challenges players to win three games before they lose two to be rewarded with battle points and more. 

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Other new features include the Sideshop, bounty killing, interactive versus screen, pause-screen playground, and updated wagering. And of course, as players level up their battle pass, new items and cosmetics are unlocked.

Returning features for battle pass players include doubling down of MMR loss or gain, collector’s cache voting, arcana voting, and in-game tipping.

The International 2020 Battle Pass officially costs $10, with a current local price of ₱520. Check it out here.

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