With millions of Filipinos living in poverty amid rising inflation and geopolitical turmoil, it’s no wonder many of us couldn’t be bothered to buy a video game, let alone own a gaming console. Some would rather resort to piracy and counterfeiting.

But through periods of hardship, we also have generous souls willing to lend a hand. For instance, check out Darry Ong and his project Libreng Hiram.


Game collector Darryl together with his wife started Libreng Hiram in August 2020 to let people borrow his copies of video games and consoles, which include the PlayStations 4 and 5 and the Nintendo Switch. For the couple, it was a way to help provide entertainment for everyone else who was also cooped up in their own homes in compliance with the mandatory lockdowns.


Libreng Hiram is still ongoing to this day. The terms are simple: have a legit Facebook account that’s at least five years old, provide proof of identification, and either claim in person what you’d like to borrow at Cubao, Quezon City, or have a courier get it for you. If you’re interested, simply contact Darry Ong on Facebook, who is a member of the group PlayStation Philippines.

Source: Inquirer

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