MetaGoons, a metaverse ecosystem and development platform, happily announced that they were able to raise USD2 million (around Php102.1 million) in a recent round of funding.

As per the company, they aim to be the “first holistic, vertically integrated Metaverse gaming, entertainment, investment, and development guild.” They were able to raise money thanks to strategic organizations, marquee institutions, grassroots crypto natives, and angel investors from 11 countries.

The company also announced its partnership with Team Pacquiao GG (TPGG), the esports team of Philippine Senator and renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao.

It’s said that the two companies will work together in creating content and charity initiatives. Plus, the development and launch of a Team Pacquiao GG x MetaGoons non-profit Axie Infinity scholarship program.


In a statement, MetaGoons co-founder Donnell Wright said that “Manny’s ethos of community, competition, and charity, aligns perfectly with our fighter mentality of being rebels of the status quo, always trailblazing the unbeaten path. We are incredibly proud to be joining TPGG’s journey whilst supporting Manny’s vision for the future of esports and gaming within the Philippines.”

MetaGoons are seeing tons of possibilities as blockchain gaming continues to grow. Co-founder Jacky Yang said, “Our unique, outside-the-box approach has set us apart from traditional players in the space and will continue our mission to create a culture-defining paradigm that sets the Metaverse ablaze and captures global fanbases.”

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He added, “The faithful and growing MetaGoons community is here to play a transformative role in play-to-earn adoption and accelerate the revolutionary movement that is Web3.”

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