Moonton, through the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page, announced a series of important changes it will be making in the game, particularly in the Mythic rank system.

According to the developers, the changes will make things fairer for every player that “put their utmost effort through the seasons. One of the key changes is the score increase now decays with Rank.”


Moonton is also changing the rules on season skins starting Season Journey so they are accessible to more players. The developer said that since Season 27 of the game, 50 million players have already gotten their season skin and 20% of all gamers on the leaderboard already won their first provincial titles.

Starting with Season 27, Moonton will “invest more resources to improve the Ranked match experience for each season”. For one, they are planning to improve match fairness in Mythic Rank and the Mythic score system.



Moonton also plans to add a new Rank between Mythic and Mythical Glory. Plus, the addition of exclusive achievement rewards for the three ranks and a Display Logo for Mythical Glory.


What’s more, Moonton plans to design exclusive skins every year as a reward to players finally going Mythic. The design will be co-created and voted on by all players.

Lastly, Mobile Legends will have optimized matchmaking during placement matches and balance the matchmaking between Ranks.

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