The recently held all-female Mobile Legends: Bang Bang championship, Liga Adarna: Laban Para sa Korona, sees no champion following Arkangel Fe’s (AAFE) refusal to take the crown after Bren Esports withdrawal from the finals.

The issue takes root from a technical glitch during Game 2 that sees AAFE’s temporarily cut off from the live camera feed due to a technical glitch, which the opposing team, Brent Esports, complained about as it’s against the tournaments rules.

In resolving the issue, the host conceded with both teams to do a rematch for Game 2 to which AAFE and Brent Esports agree with. The former even complying to the latter’s demand for a redraft.


Despite the agreements, Brent Esports chose to forfeit from the game even before Game 2 started, subsequently leaving AAFE the champions of the event. But because of the tournament issues, AAFE refused to take the championship, therefore leaving the event, without a champion to hold the crown. 

The decision to not to take the ultimate prize led to a “no contest” result, which shall see the reward handed over to the supposed champion’s chosen beneficiary.

In the comments section of the official statement, some players showed their dismay on how the tournament organizers handled the situation.

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