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Tyler Blevins, most popularly known as Ninja, just made E-Sports history after being the first professional gamer to be the cover athlete for the ESPN Magazine.

Being recognized by ESPN, a popular sports news company only solidifies the fact the professional gamers are slowly being recognized and acknowledged to be athletes as well

Making it as cover athlete for ESPN Magazine wasn’t the only thing Ninja made history in this year. Back in March 2018, Ninja broke the record for having the most concurrent viewers in Twitch. This was practically because he played Fortnite with rappers Drake, Travis Scott, NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, Juju Smith-Schuster. The final number recorded was around 635,000 concurrent viewers.

Ninja then went on and broke the same record he set at a Charity Event he did at Las Vegas. The number of viewers on the streaming platform ended at 667,000 users. Ninja also became the first twitch streamer to ever hit 10 million subscribers.



ESPN’s gaming issue is set to hit the newsstands on September 21, 2018. ESPN’s General Editor Elaine Teng explores how Ninja maintains the gaming lifestyle and whether it’s all worth it in the end. We’ll finally know how streaming for 12 hours while playing videogames actually feels like. Elaine Teng’s cover story is titled “Living the Stream”, a fitting header for a gaming streamer’s life.

Clearly, Ninja is very influential and a record breaker himself. I’m pretty sure being on the cover of ESPN Magazine might not be the only record he’ll be breaking this year.

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