There’s one major thing that Nintendo fans love: nostalgia. If you’re one of them, then you should check out this latest NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad.

Made for the ever-so-popular handheld console Nintendo Switch, the new NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad is based on the classic GameCube WaveBird controller.


It looks almost exactly the same as the controller that was first introduced 20 years ago. It has a retro-looking purple color, with colored buttons, a joystick, and a large A button.

NYXI claims that their latest controller is safe from the infamous Joy-Con drift issue. Why? Because this one attaches to your Switch via a Hall Effect electromagnetic design. This means that it won’t touch the device’s sensor, hence preventing the said drift — an issue that’s been haunting the console since its release.



What’s more, the Wizard has a level of customizability as it has removable stickers as well as replaceable rings so you can choose between circular or octagonal rings around the stick.

Users also have the option to remap back buttons, have them light up, and have a programmable turbo switch. What’s more, the battery life can last for up to 6 hours and a half.

The NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad has a price of USD69 (~Php3,800) through their official website that ships in a handful of countries.

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