Bren Esports, representing the Philippines clinched the championship title in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at the Razer Southeast Asia Invitational against Vec Fantasy Main of Vietnam. The PH team won 3-2 in a best of five series on Sunday, July 12. 

Earlier in the series, Ven Fantasy Main knocked down Bren Esports to a lower bracket in the tournament in 2-0. However, Bren Esports was able to steal the championship, all thanks to the plays of KarlTzy (Claude) and FlapTzy (Masha).

Despite having 9-13 kills, Bren Esports reversed the situation as KarlTzy (Claude) and FlapTzy (Masha) killed the Lord, clearing the way for the team to push.


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KartTzy led Bren Esports with eleven (11) kills, two (2) deaths, and one (1) assist. On the other hand, FlapTzy has two (2) kills, three (3) deaths, and four (4) assists.

On the opposing side, Broly (Ling) rallied his team with seven kills and four (4) assists. However, his one death in the last game made a huge difference to his team. 

During the championship route, Bren Esports was trailing behind Vec Fantasy Main when the latter led the series at 2-1. However, Bren Esports won Game 4 with a 14-1 lead in kills and 9-0 in destroyed turrets.

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