Out of 26 countries measured in the adoption of the play-to-earn (P2E) games, the Philippines gets the fourth position, according to research by fintech company Finder.

Consisting of roughly 44,000 internet users across the said number of countries, a poll result suggests that India has the highest NFT gaming adoption at 34%, followed by Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates at 29% and 27%, respectively. Meanwhile, Sweden sees the least adoption, at a measly 4% of the participating internet users.

Out of that study, it was also revealed that at least 25% of Filipinos have at least tried P2E and a further 14% show interest in doing the same before the year ends—essentially, driving the overall fraction higher to 39%.


Consequently, it has also been found that there has been a greater number of men (28%) than women (22%) who play P2E games in the Philippines.

As is true in all P2E games, monetary incentives play a big role in enticing players into the games that are seeing increasing incorporation of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies, despite the high cost of entry.

Source: Finder

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