Pokémon Go was an absolute hit two years ago. But just like most mobile games, the hype died down a few months after. It was not until a few weeks after Nintendo announced that the game will be rejuvenated on the Switch.

The mobile app is still existent to this day. In fact, Niantic, the people behind Pokémon Go, is adding a new feature to the game which will hopefully lure a lot of people back in. However, this new feature should have been in the game in the first place and it was just held back.


The new update will finally include Pokémon trading and several other social-centric features. The game will now have an entire Friends system. Friends can be added via trainer codes.

This will allow players to trade monsters with their friends for as long as they are within the 100-meter radius. However, you need to be at least at Level 10 to unlock this feature. You can also send gifts, which can also be obtained when spinning the Pokéstop or buy it directly in a form of an Egg which will enclose an exclusive Alolan monster when hatched.

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Pokemon Go new feature

Trading will cost you some in-game money, but it increases your Friends Level at the same time. You and your friends will get new bonuses as your Friends level increases (Good, Great, Ultra, Best).

Other than trading, Friends Level can also increase by joining raids and gym battles with friends.

This new update will increase the social aspect of the game so players can enjoy it more with friends and family. The update is expected to arrive this week.

Source: Pokémon Go Live

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