RUMOR: PUBG 2 could possibly launch as early as next week


PUBG 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the pioneering game that officially kickstarted the Battle Royale genre could potentially see release as early as next week, if rumor is to be believed.

Talks about the early release came from Twitter user, PlayerIGN, who tweeted about the gossip. In line with the notion, he also shed light to other relevant information about the developing title.

As per the tweet, PUBG 2 is set to take place in the year 2051, suggestive of a futuristic backdrop and therefore a new map, as well as the featuring of advanced arsenals that coincide with the timeline.


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Unlike the original PUBG which originally saw limited exclusivity as a PC title until eventually getting ported to console and mobile, the sequel will see mobile releases (iOS and Android) from the get-go.

Developer Krafton has yet to put an official word to the talked about early launch, but we can all anticipate hearing from them sometime next week.

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  1. Update: PUBG 2’s official title is PUBG: New State, apparently, and is a mobile exclusive. It’s also being made by the original PUBG developer, PUBG Studio, and not Tencent (the one who made PUBG: Mobile).