One of the most popular battle royale games for mobile is getting another update. In version 0.10, PUBG Mobile is expected to get a new map, weather, and vehicles.

According to several sources, the PUBG Mobile v0.10 update will bring the new 6km x 6km wide snow map and a lot of in-game improvements. A new snow weather mode is also expected to show up along with a vehicle for snow. Another feature that’s said to be coming up is a snowball fight in the spawn island of Vikendi.

In addition, there are matchmaking changes that will happen which will let people to get matched across different servers, as long as they play on the same tier. To deal with players who always exit a match after it has started, PUBG Mobile will now be implementing short term bans from finding matches.

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After dying in a match, players can now report suspicious behavior in order to identify cheaters.

A new Firearms Finish Upgrade System is also in place. This lets players to upgrade weapons with kill effects, kill broadcast, and death effects.

Lastly, players with huge hands will be glad to know that there will be a new layout released specifically for them.

The new PUBG Mobile v0.10 will be dropping by the 20th of December. It will be available for matchmaking to all players 24 hours after.

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