The growing popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did not just spawn a port of the same game on the consoles, it also brought the Battle Royale experience to the smartphones as well in form of the PUBG Mobile.

Although some players may not consider the mobile platform as a real gaming podium due to its inherent physical limitations, there is no denying that today’s mobile devices has become gaming intensive-ready as to run a game like PUBG Mobile.

But while mobile gamers of PUBG may seem like they are trading off convenience or portability in choosing to play the game in handheld format, there is also a perk to playing the mobile version of PUBG that is currently exclusive to it—the use of Silver Fragments.


What are Silver Fragments?

Making the mobile experience a “perky” experience for its player base, PUBG Mobile exclusively launched a feature that might indeed appeal to gamers which is a kind of digital currency called “Silver Fragments.” Silver fragments are used to buy cosmetic items that significantly add beauty to how players experience the game—by donning equipment which players have no chance of getting any other way.


How to get Silver Fragments

Although the idea of a digital currency may sound like a “micro-transaction” with PUBG Mobile which involves real money, Silver Fragments are actually a digital commodity that is generated when players choose to dismantle their gears, particularly their piece of clothing.

At the usual circumstance, the process may involve players breaking down duplicated cosmetic items in order to get the prized Silver Fragments which they could subsequently use to procure another cosmetic item.

If you are a collector who likes to get every aesthetic item from the game, there is no better reason to continuously play the game than for the goal of gathering as much cosmetic stuff as possible in order to break them to pieces to accumulate Silver Fragments and thus sustain your collecting habit.


However, it is also worth noting that the items that are purchasable by the Silver Fragments are not necessarily permanent as they are just for a “limited time” usage only. Meaning, they do expire from your inventory after a certain period of acquiring them.

How to use the Silver Fragments

To use your accrued Silver Fragments, you must first head to the shop where you typically purchase stuff for your inventory such as Armory and Outfits, Crates, etc. In it, you shall see another class of buyable items under the label “Limited Time.”

Choosing to buy cosmetic items in this option which lead you to a page which showcases all the purchasable goods that you can only pay with the right amount of Silver Fragments.

As the feature to use Silver Fragments is something unique for the mobile version of PUBG, the ability to buy “Limited Item” goodies is also exclusive to it and something intuitively absent in the original PC and console versions of the game.

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