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SMART, TNT teams up with Moonton for Mobile Legends


Gaming applications are one of the many types of downloaded apps in our country. It reaches a wide audience, both male and female, young and old.

The entertainment from the application is enough for users to keep playing for hours. No need for a PC or laptop, or even a console, when the game you play is within your reach.

Smart and TNT aims to better the mobile gaming experience of the Filipino community. They plan to do this by providing in-app perks and improved gaming experience for the players of the hit mobile game, Mobile Legends. This was made possible through the partnership made with Montoon, a game developer in China.

Mobile Legends is an online PVP (player versus player) type of game where two teams of five battle each other inside a specific area. Each five players are to pick a hero from a roster of heroes that are playable in the game. The objective is to destroy the opposite team’s towers and throne in order to attain victory.

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It may sound like a typical game, something present in former games, but it isn’t. To have a very immersive game with quality graphics and easy-to-understand controls, Mobile Legends quickly became a successful hit. This led to millions of players and downloads all over the world, including the Philippines.

Now with the partnership between Smart & TNT and Montoon, the Mobile Legends gaming experience just got better. Through the soon-to-be-released gaming treats brought by Smart and TNT, the gameplay for the players (and Smart/TNT subscribers) are bound to be more exciting.

For Smart subscribers, availing Giga Surf 50 will give them a 1GB data allocation plus 300MB for using other applications. They also get unlimited texts to all networks and data perks that are usable for Mobile Legends. To make it even better, Smart subscribers get to use the fastest mobile connection in the counry, Smart LTE. Meanwhile TNT will be rolling out the budget “Tropa Apps” that lets users play the game with their friends for 3 days for only Php10.

Because Smart and TNT offers Google Direct Carrier billing, in-app purchases are available for Smart and TNT subscribers.

This is not the first time that Smart took on a game-related venture. Last year, they partnered with ESL (Germany) in gathering the best of the world’s DOTA 2 players for ESL One Manila. Two years ago, Smart showed their support for the Gaming Summit and E-Sports with Philippine Clash, the biggest Clash of Clans tournament in the country. During the same year, they also introduced the national tournament for League of Legends, Rampage 2015.


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