The Department of Health released a new classification of individuals for COVID-19 in a Facebook post yesterday. Previously, local cases are classified under ‘Persons Under Monitoring’ (PUMs), ‘Persons Under Investigation’ (PUIs) and Positive cases. 

Moving forward, individuals will be classified as ‘Suspect’, ‘Probable’ or ‘Confirmed’. 

The first two are divisions of PUIs. Suspect refers to a person who is yet to be tested but is experiencing symptoms. On the other hand, ‘Probable’ means that the person already underwent testing but results are unconfirmed or when the test was performed in an unaccredited facility. 

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Meanwhile, ‘Confirmed’ replaces the ‘Positive’ category. PUMs are now eliminated from the classification.

Suspects are further grouped into three under the following conditions:

1.) Suspect A

  • Experiences influenza-like illness, cough or sore throat
  • Traveled or resides in an area with reported local transmission within 14 days before symptoms showed
  • Had a close contact with a confirmed or probable case within 14 days before symptoms showed

2.) Suspect B

  • Is sick, and experiences cough or shortness of breath
  • Either with an existing illness, 60 years old and above, pregnant woman or health worker

3.) Suspect C

  • Individuals who suddenly suffered from severe respiratory problems without clear cause that needs hospitalization

As of today, there are now 4,932 confirmed cases in the country. Recoveries are at 242 while death toll mounted to 315.

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