Smartphones have become more powerful and feature-packed in recent years. The problem is, unlike their features, their designs are failing to step up.

It’s really hard to tell smartphones apart from each other. Almost all of them have a similar squarish camera design on the back, just like what we see on the Huawei P40 series. So, to shake things up, LG will be introducing the new LG Velvet.


The Velvet is the first device to house the new design language the company will be implementing on their devices. It will sport a “Raindrop” camera on the back. The triple cameras and LED flash are on a descending order (by size), which looks like an actual raindrop.

It sure is cleaner than the square camera bump on most smartphones today. It also takes much less space for a cleaner and sleeker look.


LG is also introducing its new 3D Arc Design for its future smartphones. Starting with the LG Velvet, the front and back edges are symmetrically curved to make it more comfortable in the hands. This is not the first time we’re seeing it, but it is a first for LG.

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Probably the first you’ve noticed is the device’s new name. That’s because, other than the design language, LG is also changing its branding and naming strategy. As per the company, they are now using names that will express the nature of the phone, so consumers will know what to expect.


The LG Velvet is considered as the reincarnation of the LG Chocolate series from many years ago. Let’s just hope that the LG Velvet will be as good as it looks.

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